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Savannah · 8/19/2015
Great game, compatible w/ Windows 10

I have really enjoyed the GTA franchise, then rockstar released the mobile versions of the popular games which I think are better and a little more secure when it comes to mods and cheats, I don't approve of cheating. Anyways, The reason I wanted to post was because this game is also compatible on my 2009 windows vista pc that I upgraded to windows 10. This computer isn't what you would call good, or even decent...but, it works. It has AMD Vision W/Radion dedicated graphics card and 3Gb Ram shared. The game works just fine on regular quality graphics (which look pretty much the same except for the mirror like finish on specific surfaces).

Reviewer 0626 · 8/11/2015
Good Game

It does take FOREVER to download, but its an O.K game. The graphics aren't that good but for $6.99 it's a bargain! It lagged for awhile but its alright. Trying to move to see better is very difficult (I mean mouse..) because it freezes and makes it harder to drive. But I would recommend it.

Stevie · 8/11/2015
Same Nostalgia, Different Issues.

I love the game to death and have had no issues, though it doesn't seem to support controllers on my end and I use a PlayStation 4 controller, so that's a problem. Also, the lack of cheat codes is saddening and some music is missing from the original game as others have mentioned. If those could be added back in, that would be great. <3 Also, where's the folder? I'd love to mod it for an upcoming Let's Play, but alas I can't find it's file.

Hanley · 8/7/2015
Great Game

Fantastic game, excellent support for controllers and keyboard/mouse. Definitely needs to be updated with Xbox Live achievements and cloud syncing.

Janey-Ali · 7/8/2015
Lots of fun, but crashes frequently, no cheats

GTA is a LOT OF FUN! It will keep you playing for months! Cheats aren't activated in this version tho. This game would be much more fun with the cheats on. Also, it crashes often, on multiple devices. It just kicks you out and you lose all of your unsaved data. It's very frustrating when in the middle of a mission.

Reviewer 2535 · 8/22/2015
no cheats...

I thought there were gonna be cheats but no there's nothing else to do if you just do the first two missions either rockstar adds cheats or they put more missions

Reviewer 7073 · 7/10/2015
Can I possibly get a refund?

The game doesn't even get pass the introduction before it, I don't know, I guess it decides to freeze for 2 seconds before closing. I am very upset I was looking forward to playing GTA but can't. If I had to give an opinion I'd say don't pay for this game.

D J · 8/7/2015
Doesn't Work

Obviously it works for some, but not for others. But there are 238 1 star reviews mostly all of which are indicating that it doesn't work. That's pretty bad track record. My system meets the minimum requirements, absolutely no reason why wouldn't work. Attempted to contact for support but to no avail. Just very upsetting that this many people having issues and no fix is available or likely coming. Feeling pretty ripped off. Only $7 but still.

Reviewer 4011 · 6/10/2015
Not working after windows update today

I was playing this today and it was fine. then I did a windows update and when the system came back up, the game was not working. It starts the game, and then on the first load screen it downsizes to the taskbar and goes no further. When you try to bring it back up to full screen it just downsizes again. Also, it was not running as a program or task in task manager.

Michael · 8/3/2015
Please Remove the 2gb RAM requirement for install

I cannot install this to my HP Stream 7 even though it is capable of running this game. I made a windows 8.1 virtual machine and tested to find why I couldn't install. With only 1GB ram it will not allow it to install. I increased the ram to 2gb and then reduced it to 1gb after install and can run the game only using about 270mb of RAM. PLEASE FIX THIS.| UPDATE: Downloaded on steam. Works no problem. Don't waste your money here. Thank you.



  • Remastered, high-resolution graphics built specifically for mobile including lighting enhancements, an enriched color palette and improved character models.
  • Dual analog stick controls for full camera and movement control.
  • Three different control schemes and customizable controls with contextual options to display buttons only when you need them.
  • Tailor your visual experience with adjustable graphic settings.

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