• Remastered, high-resolution graphics built specifically for mobile including lighting enhancements, an enriched color palette and improved character models.
  • Dual analog stick controls for full camera and movement control.
  • Three different control schemes and customizable controls with contextual options to display buttons only when you need them.
  • Tailor your visual experience with adjustable graphic settings.

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Assorted bug fixes.

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Janey-Ali · 7/8/2015
Lots of fun, but crashes frequently, no cheats

GTA is a LOT OF FUN! It will keep you playing for months! Cheats aren't activated in this version tho. This game would be much more fun with the cheats on. Also, it crashes often, on multiple devices. It just kicks you out and you lose all of your unsaved data. It's very frustrating when in the middle of a mission.

Reviewer 7073 · 7/10/2015
Can I possibly get a refund?

The game doesn't even get pass the introduction before it, I don't know, I guess it decides to freeze for 2 seconds before closing. I am very upset I was looking forward to playing GTA but can't. If I had to give an opinion I'd say don't pay for this game.

Reviewer 4011 · 6/10/2015
Not working after windows update today

I was playing this today and it was fine. then I did a windows update and when the system came back up, the game was not working. It starts the game, and then on the first load screen it downsizes to the taskbar and goes no further. When you try to bring it back up to full screen it just downsizes again. Also, it was not running as a program or task in task manager.

Michael · 8/3/2015
Please Remove the 2gb RAM requirement for install

I cannot install this to my HP Stream 7 even though it is capable of running this game. I made a windows 8.1 virtual machine and tested to find why I couldn't install. With only 1GB ram it will not allow it to install. I increased the ram to 2gb and then reduced it to 1gb after install and can run the game only using about 270mb of RAM. PLEASE FIX THIS.| UPDATE: Downloaded on steam. Works no problem. Don't waste your money here. Thank you.

Reviewer 4647 · 5/17/2015
Fun but needs cheats

The game is really fun but also insanely hard. All I want is a free play mode with all parts of the map unlocked. Also there is a problem with the save; I hit the save button, it said that it successfully saves, but then when I reopen the app I have to start over from the same impossible mission that I cant get passed.

Nathan · 4/21/2015
Worth the price

When I saw this, I was watching gta v videos, so I really wanted to play a game like gta v. I was also worried that this game would have a small map, lame game play, one default outfit, and in app purchases, but all my worries proved false. I love everything about this game, and you can do really anything. I do have two complaints though, and here they are: When you buy a car in gta v if you accidentally destroy it you can call the "men's health care" thing or something, and then for a price you can get your car back. In this game if your car gets destroyed, it's gone for good. I'm writing this because I just accidentally destroyed a car I spent three thousand something on, and now there's no way I can get it back. Please fix this! The other thing is crashing. In the beginning this game rarely crashes, but as you start doing more missions, it crashes more. I'm at the point that every other time I try a mission it crashes, but my frame rate is put on low. Please fix this too! Thank you!

Reviewer 7218 · 6/19/2015
Fix The Damn BUGS!!!

the controls are very, very choppy. the game over all is super laggy and some buttons aren't even assigned a control no free aim option at all and bad hydraulic controls as well. please fix the bugs or I will need my money back this is ridiculous and I'm sure it would only take you guys a couple minuets to make a update to fix these minor problems.

Jason · 4/18/2015

Has a few tech glitches but overall a great game. My control always freezes up. Ive reloaded four times but I can only play for awhile before I just run around in circles. Fix this bug. Not a Microsoft surface issue, not impacting any other apps

Reviewer 2421 · 6/10/2015
Best game ever

This game is awesome, but it needs an update where you can put in Cheat Codes, just like you did on PS, Original PC game, and Xbox. If you can do that update, then I will install this game. 10/10.

Jeremiah · 3/11/2015

THIS GAME IS SO COOL WHEN I FIRST LOOKED AT IT I THOUGH IT WAS A PUZZLE BUT ITIS A GAME NICE WORK ALL GTA GAMES ARE COOLI GIVE THIS A 5000 star!! peace up ace town down yeah like this game so much fun and its trusting I like the way it is being played well like all the others it runs well it has everything you need and it is more to it on pc this is an outstanding game that every one enjoys playing like you can take it every wit you ,you can play while you are board and many other things this game is fantastic and well known

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