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Fixed an issue some users have experienced with the mission "The Da Nang Thang" Assorted Bug Fixes

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hisham · 7/22/2015

It was not downloading the data and tell me every time (download data error ) .. Now everything is ok and the data is downloaded .. But this game need fast speed internet to download data 😊 .. Ok no problem now ..and this game is awesome .. And the resolution is very very good .. No lag , No hanging in this game .. I make hight resolution and the game is stable .. Thanks for this beautiful game .. And we need GTA 5 soon pls ❤👍👍

John · 7/14/2015

Good game in on Nokia Lumia 635 max setting high lag not playable high setting little less lag not playable medium just playable low setting very little lag very playable, crashes alot stuck on the mission sweets girl because it crashes every time I try to do the mission, they need to fix bugs and less lag and higher frps ( fram rate per second ), but over all very enjoyable game would definitely suggest it.

Nick · 7/31/2015
Great... but...

I don't want to pay to play the very same game except on a P.C.

Hugo · 5/31/2015

*Update: I am being asked to pay for it again on my windows 8.1 pro tablet. -1 star* Running smooth, no problems so far on HTC One M8. One of the best ports to come around. Thanks Rockstar. I would add that adding cruise control would have been nice, or a press and slide accelerator.

Juan Carlos · 5/27/2015

Playing San Andreas on a mobile phone 10 years after I played it on the original Xbox is mind blowing. It is not perfect however, the fact that cloud saves isn't supported and with no sign of it being added in a future update is discouraging. This means my progress can't be moved to other devices if I wish. Also, I can't believe there is no support for a external physical controller. GTA isn't made for the touch screen though the developers did try to make it easy. It just ain't natural. Here's hoping my feedback is heard and applied.

D C · 6/18/2015

gtasa on a phone! tons of graphics settings and custom button config is awesome. but poor sensitivity/dpi makes free aim impossible, they nerfed airplane controls... and lastly, they some how made the map and inventory hud intrusive to the button layout. sigh... patch please.

Jasmine · 3/8/2015

Graphics are good, but I didn't pay 7 bucks to only get to play for 3-4 minutes IF THAT and then it makes my phone shut off and restart. Fix please.

Renan · 3/4/2015

The download stops at 8% and not resuming. Please fix it!!!

shaquille · 1/7/2015

Great Game At First But Now It Crashes When I Open It Please Fix Problems Now. Update Needed

Edgar · 5/5/2015

Love this game, but it crashes most of the time I wanna play it, and it's a really good game please fix!!