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User · 1/22/2013

Way easy

Seth · 12/1/2012

Guitar Hero translates pretty well to the touch screen, but it's too easy. Playing on expert feels like playing on easy in standard Guitar Hero. It's cool to see a 2D GH game, though; nice pixel art.

User · 10/15/2012

Worst game I've ever played, terrible gameplay, difficult to hit notes, and way too expensive.

Ana · 9/16/2012

Bad graphics, tried hard mode. Too easy.

Vittorioiv3 · 5/30/2012

Boring. Not challenging what so ever.

Mastadizzle · 3/24/2012

Was a great game, but after paying 7 dollars for it and almost running through all the songs with the guitar, the game will no longer open. Wasted money unless it starts working again

Arcarsenal Syn · 1/28/2012

Terrible. Three strings, too easy, and placed on the front instead of side. Wow

Ooh So Heated · 1/23/2012

Really easy and fun !!

eboysinaz · 11/23/2011

this is an awesome app but it could use some better graphics

Daily Planet CK · 9/3/2011

Works well on Samsung Focus. Didn't expect it to be the same level GH like the ones on a console (I think that is what people are expecting). Just a fun, casual game.


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