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User · 12/28/2013

I was going to give the game a 5 star but after playing the game for a while it keeps on booting me off the entire game besides that when it decides to work very good game to play

v · 3/9/2013

Recent update make 10x the cost of health pack, I think it they shouldn't just make a drastic change like that

Nesto · 3/5/2013

Lumia 920- in the game the back button option never works. I have to end game go back to home screen back into the game where I left off. Sucks. When this is fixed I will def give it more stars

Mark · 2/19/2013

Kind of fun, all you really do is point where the party moves and they attack and such automatically. Very nice graphics. Slow progress thanks to it craming small purchases down your throat for after mission needs

robert · 2/9/2013

Can't even go 2 min without crashing since update and 12k for health packs wth

Alex · 2/8/2013

Health packs was once 1200 :) now there 12000!!!! >:O WTH!!! Why did have to add the extra "0"$

Derek · 2/7/2013

Micro transactions... Bleh

User · 1/21/2013

You just need to buy that $.99 no-brainer upgrade. No wait time needed as you get plenty more diamonds every mission to buy health packs. Please bring Zombies HQ and Sinbad over to WP8.

Ben · 1/15/2013

Obvious cash grab. Impossible to do higher levels without buying gems. If your guys due, guess what? They don't heal next match. You have to wait over an hour for each one. Thanks but no thanks. If one guy dies, I can't make progress without paying gems to revive/heal. Uninstalling until this "free" game can be played more than once every hour.

Xenos · 1/8/2013

I lost my progress after it crashed.


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