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James · 8/31/2015
Beautiful Design - Terrible program

It plays quickly with good graphics. I was very excited when I started. Then I found out that the program plays with no skill. Each player run by the computer simply plays out his or her cards from the top while holding back on hearts. If you simply keep a high heart and then play it when a heart is finally played, you will win most games. On Windows 7 I struggled to maintain a 60% win total. On this program I've already gotten to 80%. It isn't any fun.

Reviewer 7442 · 8/30/2015

A fantastic game of cards. It is well assembled and easy to follow. One of the best internet heart games that I have found and truly enjoy playing. Thank you for doing such a great job.

Lynne · 9/2/2015
Great game of Hearts

Awesome game---colorful too---Many hours of enjoyment---Thank you This game still makes the time fly-it's addicting, You can't just get up and walk away.

Reviewer 0928 · 8/30/2015
Best offline hearts yet

This is by far the best offline hearts game I’ve found. It puts my previous favorite – the Microsoft Hearts game in its old XP system – to shame. Many other games don’t display the running total of other players – critical to strategic playing. This game does. The bright color and size of the numbers make it easy on the eyes. The “Resume” option makes it easy to interrupt the game for another computer function. The statistics box is instructive. And the Shoot the Moon graphic is a lovely reward. One shortcoming is that, in passing three cards, the game never passes the queen of spades to the player. That would add a welcome element of risk. The other nit I would pick with the game is its imposition of unnecessary shading to indicate what suit to play. Congratulations on a classy piece of work.

William · 8/29/2015
William Spence

First class games. My favorites are Free Cell, Hearts, Spades, and Spider. Free cell and Spider require more than just placing one card on another. There's a strategy for each and it took a while to develop one that works. Spades and Hearts are favorites when I play with family and friends. The MS versions are great practice. All require thinking ahead of the current move. I suspect everyone develops a favorite, but mine has been Free Cell for a long time now.. It requires that you focus.

Reviewer 0731 · 8/30/2015
Ok for beginner, but no further

Nice looking game, but it's *way* to easy to beat. Computer players make ridiculous moves at times, such as leading the Queen of Spades near the beginning of the game (just happened). If you're looking for a no-brainer Hearts practicing game, then ok, but if you're looking for a challenge, then look elsewhere.

Mary · 9/3/2015
Best since Windows 7

I like the statistics feature. The opponents are more formidable than other Windows 10 versions. They actually TRY to keep you from shooting, but they still don't care about winning. It almost feels like playing the good old Windows 7 game. I also like the name changing feature. If someone besides me is shooting, I could sure use a little help from the other two, instead of pitching all your stoppers. You guys don't hesitate taking the Queen to stop me, but the others are shooting WAY too often. Some advice to the opponents--you can't lead eight clubs and then the 7 of hearts. Point being-- any damfool can take 25.

Reviewer 3453 · 8/29/2015
Flawed Programing

~~~ a fun game, but the programing is flawed; it is far too easy to "Shoot the Moon." The programed players throw away cards they should keep when they should be programed to recognize another player is aiming at the moon. Out of 316 games I have played, I have been able to "Shoot the Moon" 279 times. It is never this easy in real games! Ken

Penelope · 9/1/2015

I haven't played Hearts in a very long time...this is a nice strategy game...thank you, easy to follow

Reviewer 1558 · 8/27/2015
hearts lover

lots of fun. keeps the mind moving



  • Convenient and intuitive card controls
  • Adjustable AI difficulty
  • Additional Omnibus and Hooligan's modes
  • Detailed gameplay instructions
  • Statistics tracker

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