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William · 8/29/2015
William Spence

First class games. My favorites are Free Cell, Hearts, Spades, and Spider. Free cell and Spider require more than just placing one card on another. There's a strategy for each and it took a while to develop one that works. Spades and Hearts are favorites when I play with family and friends. The MS versions are great practice. All require thinking ahead of the current move. I suspect everyone develops a favorite, but mine has been Free Cell for a long time now.. It requires that you focus.

Reviewer 0731 · 8/30/2015
Ok for beginner, but no further

Nice looking game, but it's *way* to easy to beat. Computer players make ridiculous moves at times, such as leading the Queen of Spades near the beginning of the game (just happened). If you're looking for a no-brainer Hearts practicing game, then ok, but if you're looking for a challenge, then look elsewhere.

Reviewer 3453 · 8/29/2015
Flawed Programing

~~~ a fun game, but the programing is flawed; it is far too easy to "Shoot the Moon." The programed players throw away cards they should keep when they should be programed to recognize another player is aiming at the moon. Out of 316 games I have played, I have been able to "Shoot the Moon" 279 times. It is never this easy in real games! Ken

Reviewer 1558 · 8/27/2015
hearts lover

lots of fun. keeps the mind moving

Reviewer 8257 · 8/25/2015
Fun game, but ...

After playing the Toshiba version of Hearts for several years, this version leaves a bit to be desired. Some of the hands seem to be too routine and not exactly random. That being said, and there being few other choices, I'll continue to play this version of my favorite card game.

Richard · 8/23/2015
Fun but ....

I play this version of "Hearts" a lot but I wish the computer AI was a little more sophisticated. It plays a very weak defensive game. The option of the J-Diamonds is a great addition that is seldom found in other versions.

Charisse · 8/25/2015
I love the new Hearts!!!!!!!!!!

I have been playing hearts on my old computer for years and always enjoyed it, but on my new laptop I discovered an updated version from you guys and I LOVE it! Thank you!!!!!

Reviewer 9045 · 8/25/2015
love this game

Easy to play!!!!!!! Love this version of the game of Hearts

Reviewer 9108 · 8/26/2015
Excellent Hearts Deluxe - Yay

Layout is large easy and fast. Yay. Player's strategy vary for clever card playing. Yay. Great features on shooting moon, winning and statistics. Yay. NO ADVERTISEMENTS. (Apple Apps are cheesy with their unfree stuff.)

Carl · 8/29/2015
Love it -But...

This game has a great flow. It can frustrate you occasionally, and things don't go your way for a bit, but on the whole, I get to "whup" it enough to make it worth it. It gets a 4 star rating because it doesn't have any advanced levels, and I can't personalize the names of the players. (Petty? Yeah, but it's part of the fun.) Update: Okay, I figured out how to change the names. Guess I'm just slow. It's still a good game.



  • Convenient and intuitive card controls
  • Adjustable AI difficulty
  • Additional Omnibus and Hooligan's modes
  • Detailed gameplay instructions
  • Statistics tracker

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