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Phil · 8/17/2015
Game has been fixed...kind of

Use to crash on me where I couldn't even play, now it will do it randomly in the middle of a game, also, who would pay $1.50 for 5 extra moves? have you lost your mind? lol

Shawn · 8/6/2015

BROKEN ACHIEVEMENTS ALERT FOR BOOST ENGINEER AND MAKE EM COUNT. Superb game, art, concept and execution! However the in game purchase model is a little (see A LOT) greedy. The game is incredibly difficult to pass without some of the boosters. I'd be ok with it even if they let you grind for the boosts. Definitely has turned a great game into a great mess.

Amy · 8/18/2015

I have windows 10 and I own the game from Windows 8. When I open the game it makes me play a few moves then shuts off. I enjoyed this game and hope that this is resolved.

Ross · 8/16/2015

Interesting take on the Hexic concept and usually fun to play. Unfortunately, the game crashes frequently on my phone and you lose a 'life' with each crash. After you run out, you have to wait or pay to play. 5 crashes and I am about done playing anyway...

Rae · 8/3/2015

Such a disappointment. This was a really fun game to play, but they really do push the in-app purchases too hard. They're not even priced remotely reasonably for what you get. At some point the levels basically get impossible to beat without power-ups, and you can only fail levels 5 times a day (without paying for more chances). If that weren't bad enough, the app will crash randomly and consume one of your daily level failures each time. I've been stuck on level 28 for days now because every time I get remotely close to winning, the app crashes out. I've uninstalled this app more than once, but this is definitely the last time. Don't waste your time (and especially not your money).

Corey · 8/21/2015
Crashes. Over and over and over and...

Works fine on my Lumia. Can't manage to play it on my gaming rig. Needs some work, Microsoft.

james · 7/26/2015

Passed all levels without spending a cent. I'm here to say it's possible, regardless of other reviews. It's a puzzle game. It's supposed to be hard.

Mark · 8/13/2015

Loved this game on Nokia 920, but now it crashes every time I am about to win on my Nokia 830. Was a lot of fun but really sucks now that I can advance

Julia · 8/2/2015
Problems playing in Windows 10

The game appears to work fine until you get to the level screen. The graphics are all bunched up on the left of the screen. The overlay makes game-play very hard to do. I assume that it still works fine in Windows 8/8.1.

william · 6/30/2015

This is a great game and is lots of fun. Mind blowing at times but fun



  • An all new Hexic experience!
  • Innovative new chain combos with swipe-and-match gameplay!
  • 100 challenging levels spanning 8 chapters!
  • Unlock special new Boosts and Assists to clear levels with ease!
  • Compete for high scores against friends on level-by-level leaderboards!
  • Connect to Facebook to share your high score!
  • Play Hexic your way, with easy to use mouse and touch controls!
  • Earn Xbox achievements to boost your Gamerscore!
  • Exclusive to Windows 8.1!

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