• An all new Hexic experience!
  • Innovative new chain combos with swipe-and-match gameplay!
  • 100 challenging levels spanning 8 chapters!
  • Unlock special new Boosts and Assists to clear levels with ease!
  • Compete for high scores against friends on level-by-level leaderboards!
  • Connect to Facebook to share your high score!
  • Play Hexic your way, with easy to use mouse and touch controls!
  • Earn Xbox achievements to boost your Gamerscore!
  • Exclusive to Windows 8.1!

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james · 7/26/2015

Passed all levels without spending a cent. I'm here to say it's possible, regardless of other reviews. It's a puzzle game. It's supposed to be hard.

william · 6/30/2015

This is a great game and is lots of fun. Mind blowing at times but fun

Jason · 6/28/2015

Fun game and base gameplay, but super buggy! Crashes on me CONSTANTLY. Also, don't love the life system a la candy crush, but again base gameplay super solid and addicting

Ian · 7/29/2015

I don't mind the pay-to-win attitude that the developer approached with this game, but it's literally unplayable on my 640xl. Matching 5 hexes results in a crash that takes away one of my lives. Maybe if they would fix this, I'd be more willing to think about paying for IAPs.

Nikolai · 6/24/2015

While the mechanics of color tile matching are well executed, this game is frustrating. The demand of energy to play a board is a ridiculous cap to how I choose to spend my own free time. You get five lives, and they regenerate at 1/30 minutes. But that's a minor complaint. At a point I gave up. I spent weeks trying to get pass a single level. While difficulty/challenges are always welcome, this goes above and beyond and offers a game where certain points are impossible lest the random generator is kind, offering a helpless and downer feel to an otherwise fun game.

Kyle · 6/14/2015

An interesting and challenging take on candy crush/bejeweled. The hex rotate takes a bit to get used to and the special blocks perform quite differently. The game itself runs smooth for the most part. However, it crashes on toast notifications. Many complain about it being pay to play, but that is only for them because it is a bit more challenging then candy crush so they don't get it. I haven't payed anything and an still enjoying the game.

Ayelet · 6/9/2015

Fun game, but is constantly crashing. Every time it crashes, I lose a life. Also, there is an option to mute the music but not the sound effects.

Marcus · 7/23/2015

Fun when working, but now it crashes everytime you create a color crush hexic......cannot complete game to level 100 now stuck on 92.

Rob · 6/16/2015

Tired of the game constantly crashing. Is there a fix coming anytime soon? Or do I delete and move on?

Sule · 6/21/2015

The game has a built-in glitch to keep the player from achieving 3 stars on a level. Make a great move and the game immediately shuts down. Very frustrating. It happens often.⚠⚠⚠

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