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tyrese · 8/29/2015
best shark game ever!

I love it its really addicting gives facts about sharks and its fun and the slo-mo effect in the air nice! graphics are good all I have 2 say is well done creator well done :D :D :D add more in-game sharks items and more thing that will make the game epic. still best shark game ever 1 thing need a gigantic epic area otherwords Bigger map plz and thnx :DDD

Joan · 8/23/2015

It was very entertaining and I loved the wide variety of upgrades! The game was always fresh and I really enjoyed myself. Highly recommended!

gio · 8/21/2015

Great game but challenging

Steven · 8/22/2015
Fun Game, But Major In-App Purchase Glitch

Fun and addicting. Runs decent, with some slowdown though, on a HP stream 7. That's more to do with the low power of the tablet, though. I did encounter one major glitch - using credit from a gift card, I bought a in-game coin package ($9.99). I was charged for the purchase, but the in-game coins did not show up. Closed the app and reopened, but still nothing. Microsoft customer service agreed on the refund, but it's one of those things that didn't need to happen.

ethan · 8/22/2015

This game is addictive and fun. I recommend you get this to waste time or if you're bored. But one problem, if I'm boosting and run into a wall, or rock, I always get stuck inside it. it glitches and crashed my game. But in other words this game if one of the best beside Left 4 Dead 2 and PAYDAY 2. You wont regret getting this

Karl · 8/25/2015

Addictive and fun

Caitlin · 8/18/2015
Addictive! Never Gets Old

Very fun and addictive game. I love that you can easily buy items and earn gems. The only thing I'd like more of is even more sharks. Great game; everyone should play it!

Reviewer 1924 · 8/16/2015
Good game, bad port.

The game itself is fun. I can't deny that. BUT, I have a few complaints at the moment. For one, I started playing this on an android device. From what I can see, there's no way for me to port my progress over to my windows device. Not fair. Secondly, there's this really annoying glitch where the sound will unmute itself if I pause the game while I'm playing. That wouldn't be so bad if I were actually able to reverse that, but there isn't even a mute button present in the pause menu. So the fact that it unmutes makes no sense. Aside from that, I like the fact that I can play with an xbox controller? It helps me be more accurate when I'm trying to swim around mines. Please fix the glitches. And if you'd make it possible to port progress through different devices, your windows version would be much more viable. Not to mention useful.

Chris · 8/21/2015
Decent, needs a refresh

The core mechanic is fun, but gets old quickly. New sharks are nice, but a totally new map is needed. The windows app is missing features available on other platforms, and the developer is very slow to update on windows.

Dianna · 8/21/2015
So Much Chomping Fun!

This game is great for in the car, for kids, any time and anywhere, really. It has great graphics, and almost never glitches.



  • Console quality 3D graphics
  • 10 Shark types to unlock
  • A huge free-roaming world to terrorise
  • Intuitive touch or tilt controls
  • 15 sunken treasures to discover
  • Over 60 missions to complete
  • Equip your sharks with special gadgets and items
  • Unlock Baby Sharks to boost your predatory powers
  • Combo bonuses and Gold Rush to beat your hi-score

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