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Raymond · 8/25/2015
Windows 10 fix needed

I absolutely Love this game, but since Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 I can't go full screen properly. Seems like you guys don't want to invest more time to fix this simple bug, but as long as you continue to sell the game, continue to support it! And make some worth-while DLC! I'd Gladly pay for it!

Warren · 8/22/2015
Even better than the original

I never thought I'd be saying this about a remake, but even though this game is substantially different than the original Hydro Thunder game, it is actually a lot more fun. My favorite mode is the ring challenge: think time trial with infinite boosters, if you can stay on the designated race line! I only miss multiplayer mode split screen mode. Oh well. Can't have everything, right?

Matthew · 8/20/2015
Work's Great

I see other are having a problem with being stuck in trial mode but I just got this and it works great I was thinking I was making a mistake getting this game. I think it is only staying in trial mode for any one who has our had the trial version installed first but I could be wrong.

Reviewer 8985 · 8/11/2015
Retro goodness...

If you ever played the old "thunder games" (Four wheel, Hydro etc.) or the burnout games that copied their gameplay, then you're gonna LOVE this... it runs AWESOME, & the only complaint I have is the lack of online multiplayer, but for a single player racing game (or VS friends with ghosts) this is 100% butter covered bacon! Works great with an X360 for Windows pad too. 4 out of 5 stars because of no online MP

Jamarcus · 8/16/2015
Great but can't access full version.

I used to play this game a lot, so I got the demo back on 8.1. I just purchased the full game today and every time I open the game it directs me to unlock the full version... Hopefully this will be fixed soon. Hate to think I just gave 10 bucks away for a game I can't play.

Reviewer 5811 · 8/18/2015
Loved the game on Xbox, stuck in Trial Mode in Win 10

It's a great, fun (although somewhat short) game. For me it's really short because the game will only run in Trial Mode, effectively giving me one boat and one track despite having purchased the full game. I see other people having this issue on Windows 10, so hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Phillip · 7/18/2015
Love the game

Loved the game on Xbox, love it here. I wish it had local split screen multiplayer, I use to have hours of fun with friends doing this. Also a random bug I found, in Windows 10 when you full screen or resize the screen it does not scale right and you loose the right quarter and bottom of the screen.

Garrett · 7/22/2015
The best game so far

This showcases Windows RT / 8 apps at their best. Take your Surface, plug in a controller, use the HDMI out... you have an Xbox in your hands! This is the future! Hydro Thunder on the Surface RT and in Windows 8 (buy once, use everywhere) is the best game in the app store to date. .... -- UPDATE, Windows 10: 2 years later and STILL one of the first things I download to my new computers.

JNX's · 7/19/2015
Just as good as the original.

Not bad, some issue with it going larger then the screen when going fullscreen mode. Other then that just as fun as the original.

Richard · 8/15/2015
screen messed up

does not adjust the screen when put to full screen. part of the game is cutoff



  • • ROLLER COASTER RACING. Fun, arcadey, over-the-top racing in 11 rich, beautifully themed interactive environments packed with shortcuts and surprises.
  • • ADRENALINE FUELD PHYSICS. Dynamic water physics delivers intense moment-to-moment gameplay on ever-changing, gorgeously rendered water-based tracks.
  • • ROCKET POWERED SPEEDBOATS. Master 20 classic and new rocket-powered speedboats with transforming boost engines, each with unique handling characteristics.
  • • FULL FEATURED EXPERIENCE. Classic arcade racing and a variety of all game modes including Gauntlet, Ring Master, and Championships.
  • • RACE AGAINST YOUR FRIENDS. Challenge yourself against your Friends’ best times in the all-new Ghost Race mode.
  • • RACE YOUR WAY. Control your speed boat with on screen touch, keyboard/mouse, Xbox Controller or tilt control on supporting devices.
  • • BECOME A TOP RACER. Earn Xbox Achievements and compete for top placement on the Leaderboards.

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Version 1.2: - General performance improvements and bug fixes.

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