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Mohammad Reza · 9/30/2013

Only 12 level free? Seriously ؟

t jaubin · 7/31/2011

After a promising start, this game fails to keep players interested. The worst wp7-game i bought so far...

DaveFRC · 3/9/2011

The update doesnt work.

Devil Ducky69 · 2/24/2011

The update is broke

PR0grammer · 2/11/2011

Lowered rating because all the game does now is crash when I try to open a level. Otherwise it was a good game.

intrawebs · 2/5/2011

Horrible, can't do anything as I can't control him at all. Pressed everything, tilted phone every which way, tried multitouch, no instructions. Devs, what are you thinking. Make it intuitive to control or provide instructions. Samsung focus.

Elvis0fTheDead · 1/20/2011

After tapping the stage I want to play for the 30th time, it gives me a blue screen. Not a good way to get people to purchase. Plz fix controls

Jonathon · 9/28/2014

Great game, easy achievements. This can be completed as fast as two hours or it can provide hours of entertainment trying different set ups. Excellent game.

Tyler · 10/2/2013

Great concept for a game. Cute graphics. But the touch sensitivity is incredibly off and frustrating.

The Remdizzle · 7/12/2012

Decent puzzle game. Later levels get very tough. Have to execute bomb placement etc with pinpoint accuracy. Annoying. Try Gerbil Physics instead.


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