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Dustin · 12/17/2013

Will not stop crashing or gliching out on me want my $ back or them to fix it.

Michael · 4/21/2013

Game keeps crashing in level 8. I bought the game but wish I didn't at this point. Hope updates can fix the issues someday.

michael · 12/27/2012

Great game but very buggy and a lot of work needed to get this game to live up to full potential.

K · 12/24/2012

Too simple algorithm. Almost like loop

Kelly · 12/22/2012


Adriaan · 12/22/2012

Developed by Nokia, yet it doesn't run in HD... Hmmm.

Shawn · 10/16/2014

Not bad but the screen goes black occasionally. Would not be an issue of I weren't 23 iterations into a defense. Wish this game were updated. Not enough screen real estate.

Richard B D · 5/31/2014

Rookie difficulty is difficult. Levels are way too long, using the fast forward button and they still can take over an hour. After 20 hours I have one achievement, getting the rest would be hundreds of hours of grinding. The game is too repetitive to waste more time trying to get the achievements

Dark · 12/29/2013

I can't stop playing this game, especially when I'm on the Throne! Super addicting once you get the hang of it.

Justin · 11/28/2013

😞Updated to but still didn't fix any of the issues. Game still crashes to game hub when finishing any match, it should be showing the stats page, & not crashing to the games hub menu. Also due to this issue your unable to complete the game 100% cause it will not unlock the final achievements due to the game crashing to the game hub. If you finished the game or final level on veteran this cause's the game to crash to the game hub then it does it everytime after every game no matter what. No point in playing when it's still broken. Please someone play the game finish it on veteran & see what happens its not that hard to beat the game on veteran. But worthless till its actually fixed.


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