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Kimberly · 8/24/2015

Fun game but has a few issues, scrats game is a blast but over the past 22 days and even using acorns the jackpot has only been given to me once something is wrong with with the spinner at the end for the prize. Also other problems include adding a Facebook acct to find friends causes it to keep me from getting in the game. I always keep the game updated. Once these problems have been resolved this would be a perfect game for all ages and great way to pass the time 😊 plus the in game goals work great to achieve and always keep you interested.

Denise · 8/8/2015

This game is fun but it sucks that it stops working after you reach a certain level, even when you uninstall it and reinstall it again it does the same thing when you get back to that level, if it's going to do that then it needs to be REMOVED PERIOD!!!!!😠😒 ;)

Darren Lynden · 8/18/2015

I really like the game but please make it sync my save games to the cloud or my Xbox live account, I beg you developers to please do this. I played it before, I was on level 54 or so and due to a problem, I had to uninstall it. When I installed it again, I couldn't continue :'( please, I hope you're reading this

User · 7/21/2015

I love it its so addicting 👌👌👌👌👌👌😊😊😊😊😊😊😍😍😍but its exists out when I try to play it

Rose · 5/28/2015

Game is enjoyable untill you get to level 12 and you almost complete the tasks. Then system will repeatedly crash. Even if you make an attempt to uninstall and reinstall the app, the same problem at the same place will occur again.

Sharece · 8/8/2015

Connected to facebook and I stopped working, also the game kept telling me that I had no internet and I had full strength 😐 did it again and again it froze and then the app on my tablet restarted me back at the beginning and I was very far but it still gives me gifts from the neighbors I had but I can not see or visit them

Linda · 8/18/2015

Just logged into Facebook and can no longer play the game. What's up with that

arianna · 5/26/2015

It's a great game.It helps you and if you don't like it to bad I do😊.

Julia · 7/11/2015

For other users, DO NOT CONNECT TO THE SOCIAL NETWORKS. Doing so will most likely screw everything up and force you to either reinstall and restart everything or disconnect from the internet to play the game. So very disappointing to see that after MANY months, the internet issues still persist. Plus, 2 of my current "goals" require the internet connection so I'm screwed on that too. If this problem was nonexistent then the game would be 5 stars, hands down. Unfortunately they haven't bothered fixing the Windows App problem whatsoever.

Natacia · 7/15/2015

Love this game play it everyday for hours on end.


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