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User · 7/21/2015

I love it its so addicting 👌👌👌👌👌👌😊😊😊😊😊😊😍😍😍but its exists out when I try to play it

Rose · 5/28/2015

Game is enjoyable untill you get to level 12 and you almost complete the tasks. Then system will repeatedly crash. Even if you make an attempt to uninstall and reinstall the app, the same problem at the same place will occur again.

Julia · 7/11/2015

For other users, DO NOT CONNECT TO THE SOCIAL NETWORKS. Doing so will most likely screw everything up and force you to either reinstall and restart everything or disconnect from the internet to play the game. So very disappointing to see that after MANY months, the internet issues still persist. Plus, 2 of my current "goals" require the internet connection so I'm screwed on that too. If this problem was nonexistent then the game would be 5 stars, hands down. Unfortunately they haven't bothered fixing the Windows App problem whatsoever.

Mathias · 7/6/2015

When I open it goes to gameloft loading screen then 1 second of sound and it goes bk to home screen everytime. I'm on windows plz fix this

laura · 5/23/2015

The best game to play with my daughter, I enjoy it && she loves it.!! Win win situation :)

Jeremy · 7/19/2015

Played for a little bit, after connecting to facebook the game crashed and keeps crashing when I try to load it up. Seemed like a good game I just can't play it now.

Sunandan · 7/5/2015

Can't connect to facebook. Game crashes everytime after logging in to facebook. Can't open the open. I've lost all my progress.

Alexis · 6/13/2015

Great game, love it.. Tried to sync with facebook and more it won't open anymore.. Help..

User · 5/2/2015

I can't add random people from different villages. It keeps on saying that I'm not connected to the internet when I am.

Brandon · 2/26/2015

I've played this game for almost 2 years now an I recently had to switch phones so I had to redownload it to my new one an restart from level one but everytime I get to like 7 an sign in to Facebook an Gameloft it kicks me off the app an wont let me start the game back up unless I uninstall an reinstall the game. Really sucks cause I love playin this game but its pretty stupid that you can't use the online features. That issue needs fix very quickly