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Randall · 7/12/2015

This is defiantly a game for children. It is rather puzzling but once one attains understand of the map and perspective the game is really easy. It was a neat, albeit at times vexating, feature that the angle of the camera would change based off the tilt of the device played on. It really would have benefitted from more mechanics too and maybe even a light bit of customization for the characters as a reward for completion. The story itself is in and of itself poor. Two friends keep getting lost and they try to go home and just don't because they never want to be separated. Its simple yet overly dull.

adnan · 6/17/2015

Great game , just wish it had more stuff like the windows version and the Xbox version

Curt · 7/21/2015

Old game, but great puzzler. Wish the second story also had achievements.

Brandon · 5/11/2015

So cute. Wish it was free. But I actually might buy it.

Sisu · 2/7/2015

**For those of you who get an unresponsive menu, simply reboot your phone - the game will work perfectly.** Just reboot your phone! Wow! What a graphically gorgeous game. Puzzles/Adventures are fun, while making you think; and when Ilo and Milo are united - Joy, Joy! The purchase deterrent - price - while affordable, I simply do not deem this game, or any game, worth $4.99 no matter how much I enjoy it or how great it is. Nonetheless, I was able to purchase this when it went on sale back in April 2013. Otherwise, highly recommend giving the trial a try. Gameplay: 5 stars- Lumia900. Price: 1 star.

Kendell · 2/5/2015

Can't complete puzzle 4 in first story

myles · 12/30/2014

Addictive. Good way to keep your mind active and keep you entertained at the same time! Love it!

Gilad · 12/30/2014

Great gameplay and interface. If you didn't already, get this one, beautiful, unique and fun.

User · 12/19/2014

Yes the graphics are great, but its way to easy, I didn't have a trial option but I read the reviews so I bought it..... Now I remember why I don't buy games

jon · 10/21/2014

Ilomili is a great puzzle game from puzzling to confounding, just a ton of fun. Highly recommend.


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