• Realistic, living underwater world
  • Dive as National Geographic Explorer in Residence and Hero of the Planet Dr. Sylvia Earle
  • Authentic dive gear from brands like SCUBAPRO®, Body Glove, Oceanic, Cressi, SeaLife and many others
  • Relaxing, peaceful, non-violent, educational gameplay

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The free trial version limits the diver to 30 minutes total underwater with a subset of the full game's features. 150MB total download may take a long time on a slow internet connection. It's worth the wait!

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Reviewer 0708 · 7/20/2015

I think first it was free and I did not see any dolphins and other animals.

Reviewer 1769 · 6/20/2015
make it better

make it to where we/I can play it

Reviewer 5731 · 6/8/2015


Abeer · 10/31/2014
nice game

very nice

Hitomi · 6/7/2014
Free trial,Endless Ocean rip off

After install game downloading additional content. Trial version, don't waste your time on that if you can play Wii game Endless Ocean.

J. Ian · 6/6/2014

Cannot play the game using touch, other than to turn the diver's position and the camera. Obviously that's fine for mouse/keyboard users, but I thought Microsoft certification requirements insist on touch controls equivalent for every mouse control, and vice versa. Disappointing that those of us on Venue Pros and Surfaces can see the beauty but not actually play the game.

Reviewer 6327 · 6/17/2015
yall can let us shoot and make it just like gta

but more realistic and with mods.

gfhfg · 6/29/2015
love the air feater

love that you can run out of air real history and costomwear

Ava · 8/23/2014
Fun scuba sim

I thought this was a great game for scuba enthusiast, or wanta-be's, graphics a great, and I love the treasure hunt aspect. I have not played long enough to know how expensive all the gear is yet, but the base level is entertaining enough. My only issue so far, is the long load time!

Benny · 8/12/2014
Pretty good - It could be more

I know that some reviews say that this game really sucks, but I don't think it does. True, there are some features that you are unable to access, but that is because it is a trial. And again, it is a hidden trial. I think they should say that in the installing info; It's not that bad. The graphics are extremely good and amazing ideas of finding certain sea life. This game really paints a picture of what scuba diving really is. Even though I am not a certified diver, I think this game is incredible!

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