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Kyle · 8/29/2015

New update is good - I like the new controls, especially swiping away hints once you don't need them anymore! Still a bit off with some swipe actions (sometimes ignores it, sometimes goes in instead of out or vice-versa) but overall good. I did lose all my save data in the upgrade though which was frustrating. Suggestions to dev: Allow me to keep playing a fast game level if the time runs out rather than forcing you to lose (some really challenging levels I enjoy but just take too long sometimes). And fine tune the controls a bit too. Otherwise a great game!

Eric · 8/7/2015

Several of the puzzles made you guess between two possibilities, with no logical reason to choose one over the other. It's supposed to be a game of logic.

Alexandra · 8/1/2015

It's a great game, but once you're into it, it asks you to pay for more puzzles. Uninstalling now because of that fact.

Will · 8/1/2015

Interesting concept and gameplay, but no indication of was a trial. At the free level, you can only play the first two areas, and only the first two difficulty levels on the instant game. I'm more apt to pay to unlock a no ad version than pay to unlock a full game.

Hasan · 8/13/2015

Make it free

Addie · 3/19/2015

Cool game but you have to pay if you want to keep playing so its not really free

niclas · 1/20/2015

Not a free game so hard to really test. Some small glitches through the first few levels that are free.

Nancy · 12/28/2014

Non-deterministic endings for many games means you just have to guess the last two or three numbers. Boo. Otherwise, fin for five minutes to learn something new

Moses · 6/8/2014

Very unresponsive.

Cody · 6/7/2015

Take 5 taps just to enlarge each lock, lots of ads, super easy. You can finish any level on any difficulty in under 10 seconds. Stupid game built for stupid people.


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