• Amazing graphics!
  • Great Ragdoll Physics!
  • Gravity Inversion and Zero Gravity Zones
  • Rails, Boosts, Fans
  • Floating mountains out of nowhere!
  • Leaderboards and lots of achievements!

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Limited time price promotion.

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John · 4/21/2014

it is fun right up until it crashes every time I get close to the saws. it is definitely not the pc because I can run World of Warcraft on it. Warning: if yours crashes and says use Xbox.com don't bother because it does not help at all what-so-ever!

Reviewer 4428 · 11/23/2013

this game is not better than minecraft

Reviewer 1858 · 11/9/2013

I liked the game at first, but after playing for a while it started crashing and I would lose all of my progress. I expect more out of a paid game.

Canaan · 7/7/2013
It sucks

This game is terrible I finally get to stadium stunts and it starts me over on the first level

Joe · 3/23/2013
it sucks

I bought this game from windows 8 onto my laptop and whenever I play after 15 min to 30 min it just kicks me out of the game and ive tried to reinstall it but it doesn't work very frustrated

Derrick · 9/29/2014

Its so simple and addictive. I haven't had any hanging issues. Six stars

Reviewer 9077 · 4/27/2014
Great fun

Smooth control. Flowing, addictive

Matthew · 3/7/2014
No bad

Its a good time killer

Andrew · 1/19/2014
Casual fun.

Average casual game that is priced a tad high even when on sale for $2.49. Visuals are nice and so are the controls at first but the last location the controls start to suck because whenever you hit a bump, you stop crouching which will kill you a lot. And that last location isn't fun at all, its all about dying over and over again. Note: Game has a memory leak which will slow the game down whenever you hold a trick button. To fix it, close the game, go into task manager to select the game and end task. That will fix that slow issue until it happens again.

Michael · 1/18/2014
Cool game

Fun and challenging.

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