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Dustin · 8/20/2015

I remember why I uninstalled this the last time; There is a bug that causes either your entire coins or your entire stash to be reset if the game freezes. Takes half the fun out of it when you work to save up for an item only to lose either the item itself or the coins to buy it with. Fun game, but that bug is a dealbreaker.

joseph · 8/23/2015

Awesome game, great graphics and sound.

Anne · 7/5/2015

By far, this game is incredibly fun and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a fun game to pass the time. However, after a few weeks of owning the game, it started to crash every time I tried to open it. I fixed the problem by turning of wireless connection...but other than that I really like this game.

Gobind Singh · 7/11/2015

The game lags while collecting coins and on the starting screen. Please fix this in the next update. Otherwise its an awesome game.

Luis · 8/18/2015

I love this game but it needs to be updated. There are a few bugs and the version is simply outdated

Calvin · 8/9/2015

Volume adjuster PLEASE. Also the game is no fun when it's not possible to avoid a zapper once it comes on screen because I just happened to be at the wrong height.

Jonathon · 7/7/2015

Awesome game, an achievement was buggy for me but pretty simple completion about 6 hours to get everything. This game does need to be updated as other platforms have waaaaaaay better items in it...

Gloria · 8/23/2015

Seriously, just update it already. Stop ignoring all of the reviews.

Michael · 7/5/2015

Really liked the game, despite no updates. Opened it up today and everything in my stash is gone-all my coins, clothes, jetpacks, gadgets, etc. But my scores are still there and it knows my gamer tag, so I know that it didn't delete me-just forgot about me. Fix and I rate 5 stars!

payton · 7/20/2015

Listen to the fans needs updated! Then five star


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