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Conan · 4/6/2013

Five stars for the game, one star for the programming. It seems to lack fast-app resume, which means every time you let the screen lock or pop out of the app to check a text or whatever it makes you reload the entire app and press Play and select Play Most Recent Game. Also it's got this weird scrolling issue where when you scroll through the list of levels (which places you at the top of the list every time) it half thinks you're trying to select a level when you touch the screen to swipe up, and it makes a clicking sound and makes the list scroll *super* slow. Really poor experience outside the main gameplay.

Scott - Susan · 3/16/2013

Good puzzle game

Michael · 2/21/2013

A great game, nice twist on Sudoku. Not worth a $4.99 price tag though. And the personal picture there each time you play is annoying.

Jesse · 12/28/2012

Don't be fooled by other reviews. The people who hate it just don't have the brain cells for it. It is a great game but can be challenging. If you love Sudoku and want to take it a step further this is perfect.

Matt · 12/26/2012

It's an intuitive, fun little app, but the comparatively obscene price point keeps me from rating it anything but 1 star. 5 bucks is just too much to pay for a puzzle app when free games exist with more variety.

eJaY · 12/20/2012

Come on Capcom, bring the real games here. WP has a vast amount of puzzle games and doesn't need anymore, except for Puzzle Fighter, that deserves to be a added. Bring the fighting games and side scrolling games that the name CAPCOM represents.

Ben · 12/20/2012

This game really is addicting...

Samuel · 12/20/2012

Seems stable, nice and enjoyable. Not sure how it compares to other Ken Ken hames (this is my first), but I like it! Hopefully it sells well enough that Capcom brings more games to WP (including ones on iOS like DMC and SFIV).

User · 12/19/2012

I love KenKen, but for the price this game is not worth it. Wait for price drop!

Alfred · 12/23/2012

Pretty fun but grossly overpriced considering you can get free Ken Ken apps.


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