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Chantheary · 3/29/2015

Love this game but i haven't been able to complete the daily challenges for days because I'm unable to connect to servers. Please fix

Rhonda · 3/15/2015

Been playing for over a year. Then one day I turn it on and I am at level 1 and all of my stats are at the beginning!! I spent money on this game and now everything is gone!!! No reason to start again....going to uninstall. No way to trust it now.

shelby · 2/7/2015

It is soooooo cute I just love animals sooook much

Jeff · 1/3/2015

This game is really interactive! Vut quite hard to collect the coin. Anyway, awesome game!

Carson · 1/1/2015

The game is excellent...at first. Then eventually you run out of money and it's nearly impossible to raise enough money to take care of your dogs. Stuff should be less expensive. LISTEN TO ME MICROSOFT!! WE DON'T WANT STARVING, THIRSTY, DIRTY, TIRED DOGS!!! WE JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN! Fun game otherwise. Blip

User · 12/14/2014

Love it! Reminds me of nintendogs, bit the game play is so much better! More interactive and a lot more to discover!

Catie · 11/23/2014

My kids love Kinectimals so when I came across this one and it was free I decided okay I will download it. After the installation process I went to open it just to make sure that it would work. It never gets past the title screen. I even turned off my sleep and waited 10 min.

Austin · 10/5/2014

The game seems super fun! But on the HTC One M8(for windows 8.1) after I see a Dalmatian and some paw print, I just see a blank black screen. Please fix, id love to play this!!!

Lee · 9/17/2014

It won't start, and there are no support links. Just hangs on startup, even after uninstalling and reinstalling.

Jay-Wai · 8/23/2014

Tips/TRICKS/HINTS: MUST buy "Black Square Stud Collar" and "Diamond Pendant". They only cost a couple gems which are easy to get for free early game. These items will give you Gold Coin and XP bonus that will make the game playable. Don't level up pets stats, buying a another pet with better stats gets you more stat per gold. My favorite activity by far and what works for me is the Frisby/Disc game. When I got my polar bear, Ice Qube he seemed to last long so I've stuck with him since then. Once you find a higher level pet, stick with him. One of the 6 free plays or challenges that must be done for the All Kinds of Fun Xbox achievement is at the Stage but might require a certain level to fully get stage moves. Pay attention to the map, by zooming in a bit on swirls and a special cloud, non oil barrel objects reveal themselves. Tap those to get free coins and XP and possibly gems. Daily Park Challenge is a good way to get free gems.


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