• A strategy game: raise the most powerful army and attack your neighbors to prove your strength.
  • A medieval simulation: expand and cultivate lands in a rich production system to build your kingdom.
  • Challenge friends by launching your troops against their defenses and see who has the best army!
  • Forge alliances with friends, help their kingdoms, rescue their units, and send them unique gifts.
  • Upgrade your buildings and unlock new ones to enhance your capacities and optimize your production.
  • Invest to develop your army and upgrade their weapons to protect your kingdom against rivals.

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Jenna · 7/13/2015
Awesome Game

Fun and relaxing, smooth graphics and great gameplay. Way better than I expected and I think its more fun than Clash of Clans xD

Reviewer 8215 · 7/4/2015
Kingdoms & Lords

I like it Its calm relaxing and fun. The game itself is cool and its not a mess where the younger gamers can not enjoy it. I even like how the castle makes the place looks :-)

Reviewer 0059 · 6/27/2015

I enjoy the game when it works correctly. The game has too many glitches and drops offline way too often! Also it requires too many diamonds which cost real money for a supposedly free game! This detracts from the games objective too actually complete tasks and collect items from friends to bulk up your units for battle. Anybody can buy a bunch of diamonds and skip there way through all of the work intended to make the game challenging! Typical of this era we live in! Other than that I still like to play it! How much longer I will continue to play depends on whether I want to bite the bullet and buy a s-load of diamonds! ( Level 42 one achievement left )

Kenneth R · 7/20/2015
kingdom & lords

fun lil game. getting better and a lot less having to reload , BIG ++++ LOVE the lil game,

Reviewer 4374 · 6/7/2015

Its simple and fun. Enjoyable to play

Reviewer 6177 · 5/31/2015
Free sucks

Don't bother with it unless you like spending money on supposedly free games. It's not a problem at first, but as you get to higher levels it's a real pain. You need like 60-80 diamonds to upgrade your soldiers and the only way to get them is to win battles. Well you can't win battles with so-so soldiers. It's boring anyway. Nothing to do, really.

Night · 6/10/2015
Kingdoms & Lords

I'm at level 40 and the game now keeps on pausing every time I start it. I cannot play it anymore. I do not want to delete the game because I spend money on some stuff in this game. The games now a days that you have to pay for stuff are not really worth playing.

Frederick · 5/12/2015

The game is quite good but the functionality with constant freezes and the error in purchases makes it unpleasant.

Reviewer 7723 · 5/25/2015
The guide for first game can't pass

When I installed game the guide shows on money , it don't allow to tap on coins or money and don't allow to continue game :( I have this game on my Lumia it has no problem but on my surface pro 3 it can't continue 😢

chris · 5/12/2015

The game is ok but the pay wall is quite apparent. Not to mention the game is buggy and you can't always connect to game loft.

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