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Sean · 8/26/2015
Super buggy and money grubbing

This could be a good game, however it has a lot of major problems that prevent that. 1) it locks up my tablet to the point that I have to reboot it sometimes after I quit it 2) about 1 out of 3 or 4 times you play it it refuses to start again, and then you have to uninstall and reinstall and go through the whole 10 minute tutorial at the beginning of the game before it will let you load your old saved game (saving is also pretty buggy so you might not be able to do that as often as you like) 3) you can't play too far into it before you really have no choice but to start paying real money for "jewels" which allow you to keep progressing in the game. I would much rather pay more in the beginning than deal with this mechanic all the time. The bugs will likely prevent you from ever getting this far, though. Other than that it can be cute and fun, but the flaws far outweigh the fun for now,

Reviewer 3018 · 8/21/2015
Crashes during start up.

It was working great, I even started to get a little addicted. Shut it down to recharge my tablet and the darn game won't load past 2% then crashes. If it doesn't miraculously start working soon I'm going to have to give it up...

Lori · 8/19/2015
same over

not much different from other games like this it's a time killer

Jacob · 8/9/2015
Regularly Crashes

I personally would like to try out more of this game...when it doesn't constantly crash on me. The game runs smoothly for me on my Dell Inspiron 3542 laptop(this does NOT include when it crashes). Unfortunately, due to the game exiting out very shortly after entering the app most of the time, enjoying this game doesn't seem like a possibility for me at the moment. Issue: Ever since I upgraded to Windows 10, the game automatically exits out(crashes). The first time it occurred, I was half way through completing the tutorial. Now it happens within seconds after entering the game. Now this game is rendered unplayable for me on the PC I currently use. Although, I can't give this only one star because this may just currently be a compatibility issue with Windows 10.

Reviewer 5254 · 8/23/2015
Crashes when connecting to Gameloft Servers

Game was fine until May, when numerous people (including myself) started crashing when booting the game, or when connecting to the Gameloft servers in-game and selecting save data. The game is completely unplayable for me unless I disconnect from the internet - I've even tried uninstalling/reinstalling multiple times and using new save data to no avail. The issue's been reported to Gameloft, who have acknowledged the issue but do not know when/if an update will be released for iOS and Windows (Android does not have this issue). PLEASE contact Gameloft Customer Support and let them know you want this issue fixed if you encounter it!

Carl · 8/2/2015

Very fun game. HS enjoyable set-up to it. Keep up the good work.

Shannon · 8/16/2015
different way 2 add friends other than xbox live

Have to same problem with every xbox game I have on my laptop and that is I hit a point in the game that I have to have friends to continue playing though the game. This fact is completely unfair!!! The game is really good and I like playing it but the lack of friends on xbox live constraint makes it almost impossible to really continue the story of the game. At the point im at in the game 90% of quests involve a friend to add in the completion of the quest. If there is a different way to add friends then someone plz tell me because I have yet to find it. For this flaw in the game i only give it 1 star and would gladly review that rating once a different way of adding friends is found!! Have tried to get ahold of forum but they require a model for my laptop that i cant find and on top of that require the firmware im using, why would ppl in the forum need to know that??? I dnt understand the need for that detailed information of the OS on my laptop.

Jenna · 7/13/2015
Awesome Game

Fun and relaxing, smooth graphics and great gameplay. Way better than I expected and I think its more fun than Clash of Clans xD

Reviewer 8215 · 7/4/2015
Kingdoms & Lords

I like it Its calm relaxing and fun. The game itself is cool and its not a mess where the younger gamers can not enjoy it. I even like how the castle makes the place looks :-)

Reviewer 4566 · 8/22/2015
Server problem should be fixed.

Love game, but having trouble with server backup. Had to start over after reaching level 22.



  • A strategy game: raise the most powerful army and attack your neighbors to prove your strength.
  • A medieval simulation: expand and cultivate lands in a rich production system to build your kingdom.
  • Challenge friends by launching your troops against their defenses and see who has the best army!
  • Forge alliances with friends, help their kingdoms, rescue their units, and send them unique gifts.
  • Upgrade your buildings and unlock new ones to enhance your capacities and optimize your production.
  • Invest to develop your army and upgrade their weapons to protect your kingdom against rivals.

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