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' Luis J · 7/18/2015

So addictive game! Awesome

Eric · 6/7/2015

Liked it but is now unplayable. Well, it can only be played offline(airplane mode) now. When using data and/or Wi-Fi, game would lock up during loading or at the prompt to choose a phone or server data of the game (which is another annoyance when it was still working as it would ask that every single time I open it).

josh · 6/25/2015

Very fun, been hooked on it for a while now

Eric · 5/31/2015

Good graphics and story line it's easy to follow. I agree with Guy, being asked if I want to use cloud vs. internal storage is annoying. The connectivity can be hit and miss which sucks too. If ur under 13 you will enjoy this game.

George Scott · 3/25/2015

Fun way to waste time.

Don · 2/11/2015

I've earned millions on this exciting game so why can't I use this imaginary money to buy imaginary diamonds--say at least 10 diamonds per 100K coins you've earned. Then if you earn a mil being constant gardener, you'd have 100 diamonds to unlock yur fighters' skills. Otherwise it comes to a point if u don't have yur REAL hard-earned money 2 buy imaginary diamonds, you DON'T WIN!!! :( Mu5krat68.

Gandhi Noor · 6/2/2015

In the game this late...

Adam · 4/17/2015

Good game, but relies on a lot of real-money purchases to really go far in the game. Wish higher level units were cheaper

Nani · 5/5/2015

Really fun but it has a lot of flaws. Nothing some updates can't fix.

Jose Saul · 6/8/2015

It gets stuck! And i hace a lumia 930! Unnistallingggggg••