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' Luis J · 7/18/2015

So addictive game! Awesome

Eric · 6/7/2015

Liked it but is now unplayable. Well, it can only be played offline(airplane mode) now. When using data and/or Wi-Fi, game would lock up during loading or at the prompt to choose a phone or server data of the game (which is another annoyance when it was still working as it would ask that every single time I open it).

josh · 6/25/2015

Very fun, been hooked on it for a while now

Eric · 5/31/2015

Good graphics and story line it's easy to follow. I agree with Guy, being asked if I want to use cloud vs. internal storage is annoying. The connectivity can be hit and miss which sucks too. If ur under 13 you will enjoy this game.

Troy · 6/19/2015

Meh. I could deal with the fact that I keep getting asked which save I want. Can't deal with the fact that the quests force you to spend diamonds to complete them ... or use diamonds to skip them. Oh and diamonds cost real money to get the quantities you need. You know what, changing this to one star.

Fatalis · 8/23/2015

Cool game for killing time!!!

Gandhi Noor · 6/2/2015

In the game this late...

Adam · 4/17/2015

Good game, but relies on a lot of real-money purchases to really go far in the game. Wish higher level units were cheaper

Nani · 5/5/2015

Really fun but it has a lot of flaws. Nothing some updates can't fix.

Maris · 8/10/2015

Lots of fun.


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