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William · 7/13/2015

This is a game to play when you're bored. There's nothing fancy about it, just a bunch of text and pictures. Don't waste your money on this game. You would have to spend at least $100 to get somewhat competitive. Just grind it yourself and you'll get there eventually for free. It will take a long time though, but like I said before it's a game to play when you're bored or in between appointments.

sean · 7/18/2015

Great game I really enjoy it a time stamp on each chat in the charter room would be nice though but all in all great game

Korie · 6/22/2015

I like the game so far but, the reason I'm giving the game 4 stars instead of 5 is because of a few things 1.) the most annoying thing about the game (at least to me) is that the screen flashes white before changing pages and it irritates my eyes 2.) the waiting times for most tasks in the game are fine except, for the "duel" where 1 fight = 2 hours to recharge 3.) Especially for the campaign mode, there should be more options then just "attack" like defend, flee, and maybe even a special ability 4.) where all the different options are listed on the main screen like "arena" and "duel" it would make the game much more visually appealing if you tried mirroring a layout similar to an RPG's rather than just a list.

Mark · 7/23/2015

Great game! Lots of fun 😊.

devan · 5/23/2015

Definitely a great time killer and always something to do

Larry · 5/17/2015

This is an excellent game its easy to get addicted to it.

User · 6/20/2015

Sooo much fun and it takes a while to go up in level but u get there fast after a while

Eric · 2/7/2015

This game sucks. Stay away. The administration is corrupt and the moderators abuse their power, lie, and cheat. The players are just pawns in their ego trips!

DELTA · 10/12/2014


Brandon · 7/11/2014

Ok if your bored