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Rafael · 12/1/2014

The score may not be fair since the game has nice courses, an excellent engine and feels right on the controls, but somehow, instead of feeling like Tiger Woods, I feel like a 6yo girl taking Barbie to play golf. Even cartoonish Wii golf feels better. I really wish they knew their audience better.

Robert · 10/4/2014

Game is f@%&Ing stupid. Never seen a golf ball bounce or roll like that in real life.. And the same clubs can or cant hit a certain distance.. Want my money back...

Fausto · 7/30/2014

I got this app before as FULL VERSION, now it is listed as "App is no longer published", what a beautiful scam we got here... the game is beautiful but paying twice for the same game.... F-U!!!

Death · 7/7/2014

The more you play the more the same shots that used to be good are in the bunker etc. Stupid ai

tarang · 7/5/2014

Best game ever...make it free...

Mike · 7/24/2014

So much fun, started with trial and paid for full version. Worth $5

User · 2/8/2014

Sweet game. Like some others have said totally reminds me of hot shots golf. It would be way better to have course records and to be able to play other players live. But all in all a solid game that is well worth the money.

Steve · 12/29/2013

Fun game, but I lost all my progress due to a bug and I don't feel like starting over from the very beginning. If you have a bug that makes a customer want to uninstall a paid game you get on star, avoid this game until fixed.

User · 10/27/2013

Great game,has kept me occupied many hours. Few games are worth the money, this one is. :)

User · 7/10/2013

After getting 100% career and challenges done, you can't level up anymore characters.. i need to level up 100% on one character not able to and need a secret code to unlock a 9th character. Anyone able to help me? Email me jose_sanchez1728@yahoo.com..Overall game is fun to play and like how you can save your best shots made. Was well worth my 1.99$


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