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Justin · 8/1/2015

Its a great game that I have been playing every day for years. Its fun, addictive, and the art is great too. I am currently level 86 and takes a great deal of time to even come close to level 100. However, being a long time player, I have to say that this game is a "pay to win." Meaning, to be any good, or actually get the cards you want, you have to either save your "crystals" for a long time, or fork out an outrageous amount of actual money for them. The conversion rate is atrocious. You spend $10 to have a chance at getting a 5 star card and end up getting 6 or 7 useless 3 star cards instead. It never fails. The drop rate is horrible. Also, there is no chance to ever come close to contending with the higher ranked players, because one again, they are the highest ranked because they dish out their money into the game. It also does not help when the developers are seemingly more interested in your dollars, than your satisfaction. The game is fun, everything outside that, is not.

NiNja · 6/5/2015

Game seems good but it is hang on tutorial ,infinite loop.how to avoid it?

Ramiro · 9/23/2014

I really love this game but I can't sign in my account please fix this problem other wise that would mean I wasted all my time effort and money :(

Brandon · 9/5/2014

Can't evolve cards since update, fix and I'll give five stars.

yangsie · 8/20/2014

Love this app but it wont let me buy it says my card is expired when it expires like so many years from 014

Eddie · 8/11/2014

Good game if work more often.

dylan · 5/12/2015

I love this game. I've played for a very long time, on all systems, apple and android, and now Windows. But for some reason, when I reinstalled this game, ( I already had an account on eris) it made me quick start. Not that big of an issue, but it seems that the game has givin my new quick start a new card, and because of the tutorials button-press-lock, when I hit fight, it tells me that all my best cards aren't in my deck. The button lock won't let me hit continue, so I can Finnish it and log out, so I can actually log in. Please help developers.

Rian · 6/18/2015

It's heavily p2w, and getting more so all the time. Fun enough as a free player, but don't spend your money.

Hanul · 4/24/2015

The gameplay itself is really good; graphics are nice, 4 different elements + runes system always makes the game genuine and exciting. Among the Windows phone tcg, this was my top favourite game. HOWEVER the "network error" issue should have been fixed, at least for those with unstable network condition. Whenever it occurs, every resource (gold, card scraps, stamina, etc.) I tried to spend is spent, but it does not yield any result that I deserve (composed cards, defeating monsters, etc.). I have lost 4 good cards due to this error, and regarding this issue the LoA team's response couldn't be more unsatisfactory. Never spent a penny on this game, and thanks to that I can delete the game without any regret. It's a pity that the game itself was really really nice, but little technical issues that are not addressed were enough for me to delete it.

chris · 8/6/2015
Love it

Have not been able to log in for 24 hours and got no response from customer service.


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Update Logs: 1. Brand New Card, Skills, Runes and animation. 2. New constellation group cards added! 3. New Map Scorching Mountain added.