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Ryan · 9/24/2014

Fantastic game. But opening it on 512mb device is quite slow.

Tom · 9/17/2014

You don't need a 'try' option: This is worth every penny. If you like "Flow" then you'll love this game. I'll play it just for the music it makes!

Israel · 4/20/2014

Love ❤ this game!! Soothing sounds/music and slowly increasingly harder difficulty! One of a kind! It should be highly rated and downloaded by everyone! Worth every penny since it has daily challenges!

Nadia · 3/16/2014

Entertaining, beautiful, and wonderful for exercising your brain!

Jon · 1/20/2014

Easily the best phone game I have ever played. Love the minimalist graphics and smoothing wind chime audio. Keep up the groundbreaking work!

Alexander · 1/8/2014

Great game, with stimulating and at times almost infuriating puzzles...at least until the correct path slaps you across your face! However, it does take more time than I would want to load, and tends to destroy my battery life.

Eric · 1/7/2014

I rarely buy an app without a trial, but took a chance on this one. So far it is a good puzzle, similar to Flow, Catch, etc, with clean simple graphics and nice sound effects. I like the variation on those other games, and would probably give it a five if it had a free trial.

Henry · 4/4/2015

great game,but l can't understand the meaning of the button l unlocked when l got 50 triangles

Betty · 1/29/2015

Pros: Addictive fun puzzles. Cons: Slow load time. Overall: A wonderful puzzle game Finished set J. This doesn't go to set Z like the Android one does.

Beile · 2/15/2015

Awesome game 🙆 !!Fantastic visual design!!Linking the blocks with the line you drawing is really interesting.Also, the game has a series of beautiful achievement icons on it's Steam version. PS:The developer should change the game's searching 🔍 key words.I can't find the game When I typing"LYNE" in M$ store...


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