• Lot's of  beautiful, high-definition puzzles!
  • Downloadable content (including FREE puzzles)
  • Constantly updated pictures gallery.
  • 4 levels of difficulty (up to 280 pieces): start as a begginer and become a master!
  • Move pieces in groups
  • Rotation mode for a greater challenge
  • Create your own puzzles from your pictures!
  • New special picture every day
  • Work on more than one puzzle at a time and see your progress
  • Easy-to-operate control.
  • Easy preview.

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Reviewer 6360 · 8/2/2015

Magic jigsaw puzzles is my go to app! Great for relaxation with it's beautiful pictures and soothing music! Can't wait for new beautiful pictures!

Elizabeth · 8/2/2015
Love the Magic Jigsaw Puzzles!!!

I don't have room for jigsaw puzzles, so this game is great, many images to choose from and levels from beginner to expert Options to save the finished image and even use your own. Try it, it's addictive and fun. It really is. :) I play it everyday! I like this one compared to others, it's so much better!

Marion · 8/1/2015
Love this app

I have always loved puzzles, but having to wear bifocals began limiting the time I could do table puzzles. This app gives me scenery choices, and levels of difficulty. The pictures are beautiful. I absolutely love the Magic Months, not being able to use a picture guide. It makes for a challenge. Don't hesitate to get this app. You can also use pictures on your computer and make puzzles from them. I love doing this with pics of my grandchildren. I spend hours of relaxing time on these puzzles. Great app.

Penny · 8/1/2015
Once I put Windows 10 on having trouble with double pie

Magic puzzles is fun and relaxing to do. Would be nice if there were more free puzzles. Would be nice if there was more than one free one per day. Would also like where there is not 2 pieces together as a result of Windows 10

ROBERT · 8/1/2015

Love the variety of pictures and difficulty. I am hooked. I especially like that the pieces are on the side instead of on the main screen which is the case with other puzzle games. I love the picture of the day. Spending too much time doing puzzles. too many landscapes

Kt · 8/1/2015
No longer works in Windows 10

Loved this app, enjoyed the daily puzzles, got a few of the in-app purchased puzzle packs - but with installation of Windows 10, the pieces no longer appear properly and puzzles cannot be completed. Hope it gets fixed SOON...

Donna · 8/1/2015
A good morning

This is how I start my day. A cup of coffee and my daily puzzle. It gets all the brain cells working.

Diana · 8/1/2015

Great puzzles. The music is very relaxing. Highly recommend for stress relief. The new puzzles keep getting better & better. more animals please!! My favorite Is picture of the day, much more challenging. 4/12/14..still enjoy picture of the day, but isn't there more free puzzle packs to choose from as it was when it first started???????? 5/1/14....great get-started for every morning. 8/1/14..........ready for some more great puzzles! 8/1/15....good way to get your mind going in the AM 1/31/15.....love the puzzles, but ready to move out of the snow pictures. LOL 11/20/14......a great winter past time!!!!!!!!!! 9/6/14.......A-One puzzles!!!!!!!! 6/1/14....can't wait to get started on the June puzzles!!! I know they'll be great too. 5/31/14....Can't start my day without puzzle of day, keep them coming please1 5/26/14...keep them coming! Love them 12/3/14....for some reason my Dec. puzzles stopped showing up. How can I get my day started now??????

Christopher · 8/1/2015
magic jigsaw puzzles

I haven't had more fun in years, I never was a puzzle person .but I am now. Thank You. I love all the different styles cool . I need more puzzles. send more. I switched to Windows 10 and now the puzzles pieces are garbled up. What happened?

P · 8/1/2015
Great Puzzle App

I'm very impressed with this app. Unlike most other puzzle apps, it is very detailed and well designed. The multiple levels of difficulty and number of puzzle pieces offered are better than any I've seen before. Very pleased. I continue to be impressed and pleased with this puzzle app. The pictures are beautiful and the puzzles challenging and yet easy enough to solve in a reasonable timeframe. Thoroughly enjoying the Magic jigsaw Puzzle app and look forward everyday to seeing each new daily puzzle. I continue to enjoy the Magic Jigsaw Puzzle app. I look forward daily to solving each new puzzle and seeing how beautiful they turn out to be. This puzzle app never fails to produce wonderful new puzzles. Great app!

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