• great graphics, for Tablets and High phones
  • auto-save
  • 96 levels
  • Statistics
  • Zoom in/out
  • Touch to move the layout game
  • Multi-touch (pinch) to zoom in/out
  • unlimited Undos

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Bernadette · 7/6/2015
Bernadette parham

very relaxing

Barbara · 2/23/2015
Excellent Purist Game

This game has some wicked hard layouts! If you enjoy a good challenge this game will deliver it. I've been playing mah jong solitaire for 15 years now and this game has some of the hardest layouts I've ever encountered. That said it's certainly possible to win them if you're a very good player. There are no fancy animations or cheats/clues in this game, just pure tough mah jong solitaire. No, it's not going to tell you how many matches there are - you have to figure that out yourself like a skillful player can. So, I think this game is not for beginners. It's not for people who have no patience or need cheats to win. It's for mah jong solitaire purists.

Dorthy · 4/16/2014

I don't like this mahjong because not same as the first version of mahjong.

Katarina · 1/19/2014

good size, layout. no annoying music or sounds. would be nice if it had a 'hint' option.

Susan · 1/6/2014
I like it!

Read below for updated review! 12/28/13: Yes, it's difficult. I've completed the first puzzle & have been working the second one for ages. Yes, it's challenging, but I get bored if it's too easy & I if I win easily. The xbox version was fun with it's bells & whistles, but it was super easy to complete. Then, when I finished, it had advertisements with the challenges. This one doesn't have ads. Period. No sounds. Fine with me! I like that I can change the size of the tiles easily, and I can reverse a move if needed. It would be nice if I could choose the style of the tiles, but all in all, it's a simple layout. I like that. I just ignore the timer. 1/5/14: It's been a week or so later since my initial review, and I was able to win the 2nd puzzle! I play one to four games a day. It's not easy, but I can listen to my own music while playing. If I want immediate rewards in game playing, I play Chuzzle or Bejewelled. I'll still keep the 4 stars.

Joanne · 6/22/2013
3 stars that's it.

I find this game a bit annoying, I don't like to be timed when I play a game I play for fun & relaxation...timing ruins that. I think it could use a bit more work on it.

Vera · 9/25/2014
Tiles left

Please we need to know how many tiles left I each game,

Brendan · 12/11/2013
how do I work it?

Ive tried to press the cards but keeps moving deck. don't waste space on your computer.

MaryLee · 6/23/2013

After several years of Mahjong, I enjoy the harder layouts. This version has them but they're nearly impossible to solve. There are often no matches right at the beginning of a game, or after the 1st or 2nd move. I tried about 15 layouts for 3 hours (I know!) Try it - you'll be aggrivated. Perhaps a programming tweak would help.

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