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Roger · 7/30/2015

Awesome! Need all the other majesty games and expansions in the series!!

mohammadsadiqain · 10/8/2014


Brandon · 11/9/2013

Great game for the price

David · 6/4/2013

It doesn't pause when you get a phone call! Come on, easy fix guys!

稀饭 · 3/28/2013

please fix the bug…

dantethemad · 8/31/2012

Loved the PC version, not a bad job on this one

Bob · 4/10/2015

Lots of fun. Would like to have had a little more control over my heroes. They are amnesiacs. They would be on the way to the target, get distracted by a monster, then turn around and go home. There were other times I would have liked to send them home early, but couldn't. Even with these troubles, the game is totally worth $2.

Christopher · 10/26/2014

While it seems good from the outset, requiring gold to command units in a vague way is just tedious. Too difficult and boring very quickly.

tundro · 10/26/2014

Note, this is a totally different campaign than the PC version. It's not a direct port. They tweaked a few things for the better, too (e.g. Can't hire gnomes; their hovels just give a passive effect now). Lite version is free, a tutorial and 2 levels. Full version is $2, an absolute bargain compared to all of the ad-laden F2P garbage on Win store. Neither version has f2p junk or ads or other junk; just pure gaming. No "wait" timers telling you to come back tomorrow when something's done. You can play the whole game. I hope they make a sequel.

hisyam · 10/12/2014

Quite fun.


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