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Ryan · 12/12/2012

Seems fun but how the hell do you attack....? I must be missing something and there's no explanation in game

WaceyCS · 8/4/2012

Trial is impossible, death by slime every play

Chris · 2/23/2015

Slickest and most addictive game on Windows Phone, makes amazing use of UI. Would love to see an update at some point, maybe to 100lvs, with new monsters, new items etc... Even though Windows phone is not very popular in Japan at the moment it is becoming very popular in other countries so new levels might be worth it.

yuko · 2/6/2015

Slickest game on Windows Phone. Such smooth gameplay. Very addictive. Hope the author will consider expanding even further. Maybe when windows phone comes to Japan later on 2015?

Scott - Susan · 1/17/2015

Good Metro Style rougelike RPG. Hint to start: Sell one of your amulets at the shop to buy armor and weapons. Seems to be capped at dungeon level 30. I cannot seem to find an exit to go lower. Overall its a great rouge-like game. It is simple in the spirit of rogue and angband. The fact that I still play it after about two years is pretty amazing.

AK · 7/3/2014

Super easy with a heal ring and updated equips. Well not super easy, it gets pretty tough. Paid good money, still haven't regretted it.

Andy · 3/14/2014

Year or 2 later, still great game. Wish it was updated with new content... Not sure what. But great game.

James · 10/2/2013

Great game. I loaded up the trial of this, one save is enough, but it's worth having more just so you can keep a history of your games and submit scores. Excellent design for controlling your character, very easy to use. However, the game lacks many elements of rogue-likes in general, its very simply a dungeon hack and slash with a few classic rogue-like spells, scrolls and potions. That being said, it has been many hours of fun for me, and I readily recommend it to roguelike fans!

Zak · 5/11/2013

Good interface! It's a fun game, but I keep starving to death :(

User · 3/7/2013

A bit bare boned and simplistic, but it's enjoyable.


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