• Chat and play with fellow Microsoft Bingo fans from around the world!
  • Enhance your game with special power-ups that double your rewards, highlight drawn numbers, and more!
  • Travel the globe to visit ten different exotic locations!
  • Play as a Guest, or sign in with your Xbox account to access special features!
  • Win big with Powerball bets!
  • Take part in weekly Community Challenges!
  • Win Luggage by performing feats, and unlock them for surprise rewards!
  • Earn special rewards by collecting souvenirs from the four corners of the Earth!

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Dominic · 7/28/2015
Those server disconnects though

I understand why server issues happen but when its 15 seconds after each game, its a problem. Yes, closing the app fixed it but that was after I sat through 4 d/c's. I feel like you dont get keys enough. You get tickets waaaaaay too much (which is good) so you can never stop playing, but what's the point if you cant open luggage (prize boxes)? Buying keys is way too expensive (100coin for 5). You dont even get coins like that to justify the price. Sure, the smaller transactions are worth it, but 100 for FIVE keys? You'll be broke....which makes you want to spend $$$ for more coins. Watching Ads gives 20coin which isnt alot. Everything else, I like. The power cards, the powerups, the auto-dab, the community, people's hilarious gamertags. Its fun, but the key shortage isnt. At least, calling Bingos aren't laggy.

Karen · 7/27/2015

Sunday morning - I've gotten "kicked off" my games four times. The fourth I had to completely log off and start over to get connected. I had some pretty good games started and bonus going and lost everything. This is not very relaxing to finish off my day and getting ready to go to bed. I usually play Cheetah bingo and have more fun with their games.

Cassandra · 7/27/2015

It's very addictive but it cheats... maybe if I spent some real money I would win more. It would be better if it played like a real bingo game; the algorithm for the cards and numbers it's the best.

gary · 7/26/2015
Microsoft Bingo

It's a fun game, however I would like to see more Stars and B's offered during each game. It's a lot like real bingo, you don't win all that often unless you spend some coins to get extra draws. Overall it is a good game to play.

Reviewer 5047 · 7/29/2015
constant loss of connection

It is consistently losing connection with server. I have high speed internet... my connection is fine. It is the ads that run on the side. You get almost done with a game and it loses connection and you have to start all over again. Makes the game very UNFUN!

Reviewer 3616 · 7/26/2015
Love This Game!

I absolutely love the game! Very addictive, and helps pass time when you have nothing to do. I sit at my computer like a little old lady drinking my coffee while I play! Only thing I don't like is that it takes awhile to get tickets if you aren't spending actual money, but definitely isn't something too major :)

Dave · 7/26/2015
Thursday Bingo Night

World travel... prizes... relaxing game The app won't handle 2160 x 1440 resolution. It opens and crashes. But if I lower the resolution it works fine. I think the programmers need to fix this so I raise the rating.

Tifani · 7/28/2015
Simply Awesome

Love it..... its very addictive I can sit here and play for hours or until I run out of tickets.

Reviewer 2653 · 7/27/2015
Bingo game

I wish you would make getting keys, coins & bonuses easier. You could give 1 coin for every number marked, more coins for wins & more keys than just five for 100 coins. Also, it would be fun if the game didn't need to be reconnected every other game. Sincerely, Game player

Reviewer 3764 · 7/26/2015
Great game

I love playing this game, but wish that I had more keys, because I end up having luggage that I have to pass up, because I can't open it.

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