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Reviewer 4254 · 8/25/2015
Microsoft Minesweeper

Absolutely love the daily Challenges. This game requires a little thought sometimes, but it's fun each and every time. And every game can be won! It may take several tries, but winning the hard ones is worth the effort. Great games, great variety.

cholid · 8/24/2015
Good to have

exercising your brain in a matter of simple manner

Reviewer 6342 · 8/25/2015
A challenge to play

Enjoyable to complete...

russ · 8/23/2015
Why can't I just have plain Minesweeper???

I enjoy minesweeper greatly. I do not enjoy this version of it though. The game is slow, unresponsive, and I can't hold down a mouse button like I used to in order to quickly move through the puzzle. I get better times on my phone . The adventure mode is fun, but I can't see the right side of the board and often die when I guess when the exit is. How useless.

Quyen · 8/26/2015

This game is amazing. I really like daily challenges.

Jerry · 8/22/2015
A more visual version of Minesweeper

The animation makes this puzzle a little more fun with less stress than the original Minesweeper. It's really a little on te easy side.

Mark · 8/22/2015
Have to count

Good exercise for brain.

Jason · 8/22/2015
No I will not pay a monthly fee to remove ads

0. An update that doesn't resolve any issues, but offer me to pay a monthly fee for ad free. I'll pay once. Downvoting to make a point 1. There was no reason to remove the original minesweeper from win 8. 2. This thing makes my surface pro hot and loud... its minesweeper, not 3d or anything. 3. Sharing options are stupid. No people hub / Facebook sharing, but I can post about it on my skydrive... 4. 200mb... Its minesweeper for crying out loud! Doom was smaller Daily challenges are fun though! That being said, da

mary · 8/23/2015

some times when I press down to mark a square as a bomb it clears it anyway and causes me to loose a life, otherwise, fun game very addictive

Joseph · 8/19/2015
Great Brain Game!

With different skill levels it's great for all ages, every game has a new puzzle and it never gets dull. I like everything about it. Great Game. Even the disabled can play this game because for over eight year I've been playing from bed, I can't walk any more. It helps me get through the day.



  • Classic Minesweeper rules.
  • Brand new Adventure Mode - new twist on a classic game!
  • Daily Challenges – Complete new Challenges each day to win prizes and compete with friends!
  • Adjustable difficulty setting.
  • Xbox enabled - gives you access to achievements, leaderboards and your friends!
  • Play, pause, and resume your game on any Windows 8 device.
  • Supports touch screen or mouse/keyboard controls.

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• Optimized for Windows 8.1! • General bug fixes & optimizations • Added the ability to reset your statistics! • We'd love to hear from you! To give us feedback, please visit the Xbox forums: http://aka.ms/MinesweeperSupport

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