• Classic Minesweeper rules.
  • Brand new Adventure Mode - new twist on a classic game!
  • Daily Challenges – Complete new Challenges each day to win prizes and compete with friends!
  • Adjustable difficulty setting.
  • Xbox enabled - gives you access to achievements, leaderboards and your friends!
  • Play, pause, and resume your game on any Windows 8 device.
  • Supports touch screen or mouse/keyboard controls.

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Version Notes

• Optimized for Windows 8.1! • General bug fixes & optimizations • Added the ability to reset your statistics! • We'd love to hear from you! To give us feedback, please visit the Xbox forums: http://aka.ms/MinesweeperSupport

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Reviewer 6839 · 7/24/2015
It's great!

Not only does this app have original Minesweeper, but also other fun modes. It has an adventure mode, which incorporates Minesweeper into a roguelike-dungeon game. Also, there are daily challenges that have rules that differ from original Minesweeper. Really, there are no complaints

Reviewer 0613 · 7/23/2015

Great new mind puzzle

Reviewer 4109 · 7/21/2015
Very Entertaining

It's a great way to pass time enjoyably. It's enough of a challenge to keep me thinking but easy enough that I don't get frustrated and give up. Love it!

Reviewer 4032 · 7/20/2015

the daily challenges and the adventure game is great. I enjoy them all.

B · 7/20/2015

Very fun and addictive. Thank you!

Moaid · 7/18/2015
Awesome but has flows

It is really addictive and fun to play but it has some flows. Sometimes it doesn't sync with the cloud and the daily challenges can lag and freeze for about for 1-2 minutes every time you finishes a daily challenge.

Reviewer 9302 · 7/18/2015
The great classic game with a twist

I love the daily challenges and the different ways to play the game. Great for killing a little time, the coffee break or at the end of lunchtime.

Reviewer 9374 · 7/13/2015
Oldie but goodie

I've used Microsoft operating system for over 30 years, but have never played Minesweeper until now. I like the logic involved and the variety of games and challenges here.

Reviewer 3377 · 7/12/2015

I used to play minesweeper on my old laptop and I was hooked for a while. Now after having my new laptop for a while, I wanted to play some more minesweeper and found this. Compared to the older one, this one is just amazing with much more options on how to play. There's the stylized adventure mode which is great and kind of has a Spelunky like theme. Then there are there are the daily challenges which have new modes like detonation, in which you intentionally blow up mines. I haven't played too much of this minesweeper, but so far I believe that this iteration of minesweeper is just fantastic.

Marissa · 7/18/2015

Very slow in the beginning for it to turn on. After that is easy and fun.

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