• 5 different Solitaire variations – Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, TriPeaks, and Pyramid!
  • Daily Challenges are guaranteed solvable challenges that add fresh ways to play every day!
  • Try out the Star Club where you can earn stars to unlock and play your favorite challenges!
  • Use different Themes for new backgrounds and card deck designs.
  • Create your own custom theme from photos on your computer!
  • Sign in with a Microsoft account to get achievements, leaderboards, and have your progress stored in the cloud!
  • Plays even better on a touch screen!

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Mack · 8/3/2015
It's great. I play nearly every day first thing in the

I like the challenge, solving the puzzle as quickly as possible in as few moves as possible.

Annette · 8/3/2015
undo last move

Why did you remove the 'undo last move button'? It was very convenient to re-do when you realized a wrong move to win the challenge. Too difficult to remember what moves you made to get where you are to win! Solitaire collection Totally agree with Dennis post!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael · 8/3/2015
A Good Game Ruined

I used to like this game for the daily challenges, but no more. Win10 Solitaire is a huge downgrade from Win8. It's no longer possible to undo the losing move in a game and then CTRL+Z back to an earlier state. This makes it much harder to complete a multi-hand challenge. I hope this is fixed soon.

Richard · 8/3/2015

I like playing as a way of killing time. With the windows 10 upgrade the last undo is removed, meaning you may have to replay through one, two, or three decks you already completed instead of clicking the undo last move option. Bet you this results in way fewer people playing the daily challenges. One wonders who makes these use-unfriendly decisions.

Mary · 8/3/2015
Premium Status

I was at premium in Mahjong and Solitaire prior to Windows 10 upload, today Mahjong was set back to premium, Solitaire wasn't, how long will this take?

Larry · 8/3/2015
This is THE variety of fun you need to have

I am having the most fun and enjoyment with Microsoft Solitaire Collection, so much variety and they are all great games, keeps my mind active, love it. Thanks Microsoft, Larry

Thomas · 8/3/2015
Solitaire Extroadanair

Very relaxing game that takes your mind of things and is fast paced.

Carol · 8/3/2015
Not As Good

The cards are different and there is no easy way to restart the same game that I can find. It seems the only option is to hit undo. Just because I get stuck doesn't mean that I don't want to keep trying the same puzzle.

Nancy · 8/3/2015
FreeCell .... Favorite Game for Years!

Played thousands of games with 99% wins ... many challenges ... a brain card game.

Patrick · 8/2/2015
Brain stimulating

I like when I get to a place there is no more moves, you can undo and keep trying till you win, it is challenging and makes it more fun. Sometimes you have really got to work at it.

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