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Darrell · 9/3/2015

Great game and challenging

Grammy · 9/3/2015
Challenging! Fun

I really enjoy the Solitaire Collection! The Daily Challenges and the Star Club Collections will really keep you busy! Very relaxing but mentally invigorating! A nice variety of games and difficulties from easy to expert! Although some of the expert games do frustrate me. Facebook page helps a lot if you run into difficulty!

Troy · 9/2/2015
Volume on Advertisements

I love the solitaire collection, I've been playing it way too much actually. The only complaint I have is with the ads - not that they exist, but that they are so LOUD! I try playing with some music or a video in the background at comfortable volume levels, but when the ads come on they just blare. Some of the ads are worse than others, some just drown out the other things playing on the computer, but some are so much louder that I have to turn my speakers almost to 0 so I don't disturb people in the other room. I've tried adjusting the sound effects volume in game options, but that doesn't affect the ads. Would rate as a 5* app for me if they would include either a mute button or volume slider for the ads.

Richard · 9/3/2015
Spider Solitaire

Have played this game for years. "LOVE IT" Haven't found another Solitaire game that is as relaxing and fun as GOOD OLE SPIDER.

Duane · 9/3/2015

Addicting - challenging but unlike early versions you can/should win every game. Just Cntl-Z to get back to an earlier spot, and try a different strategy. Still, I enjoy it regardless.

Carl · 9/3/2015
Two Things In One

Physically relaxing and mentally stimulating...that=fun

Maureen · 9/3/2015
Mind Building

Free Cells is an outstanding game. It challenges the mind and makes you concentrate on your moves. It exercises my mind and I can play for hours. Simply put I love the game.

Randy · 9/2/2015
I'm Free

I love FreeCell. It's simple yet challenging.

Doris · 9/2/2015
Great Games

The Microsoft Solitaire Collection is a group of great games. I enjoy them almost every day.

Carole · 9/3/2015
Great Fun!

I love all the different types of Solitaire, I have to play at least one game every night before I go to bed, but it usually winds up being more than one! I love this Collection!



  • 5 different Solitaire variations – Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, TriPeaks, and Pyramid!
  • Daily Challenges are guaranteed solvable challenges that add fresh ways to play every day!
  • Try out the Star Club where you can earn stars to unlock and play your favorite challenges!
  • Use different Themes for new backgrounds and card deck designs.
  • Create your own custom theme from photos on your computer!
  • Sign in with a Microsoft account to get achievements, leaderboards, and have your progress stored in the cloud!
  • Plays even better on a touch screen!

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