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Eric · 11/16/2013
Videos say invalid source on Pro 2 with Win 8.1

It seems disappointing that I cannot see any videos on my brand new Surface Pro 2 with all the latest updates. Don't worry, I already have my One pre ordered, but would love to view the good stuff here.

Mike · 11/9/2013

Nice app. Looks good and the Live Tile is great.

Kevin · 11/9/2013

Needs livetile support for the actual countdown Microsoft!! Otherwise it is very informative.

Matt · 11/4/2013
Meh at best

Live tile countdown only shows days and you have to open the app to refresh it and keep it accurate. The news it shows is nothing Xbox live doesn't already display. Half of the links don't work. I give 2 stars because the countdown does work when the app is open. I wouldn't waste the time to download this though.

Mark · 11/3/2013
Does the job... kinda. Hope you like one big ad!

It's an OK app that does the trick, but the live tile doesn't seem to update with the count like I'd want. Mine said 20 days remaining when there were really 18. Even after I opened the app and updated the value, the tile still said 20 days remaining. I doubt there will be any updates before November 22nd.

Greg · 11/2/2013
Poorly written app...

The live tile does work after a couple times of opening the app it gives you option. However..... it doesn't actually update itself with the new date until you open the app so it's completely worthless to have turned on.. Oh well, 19 days!!! :)

Devon · 10/25/2013
Needs a live tile

This app is cool. But I would love a live tile always feeding my eagerness for the XB-ONE!

Kevin · 10/24/2013
No live tile?

I guess I don't understand why they would not make a live tile option. I am excited to get my Xbox One's and would like to have a countdown timer on my screen. Live Tiles is one of the best things of Windows 8 and they don't even utilize it. Can you add this please Microsoft?

MARK · 10/23/2013
Live tile

Didn't have a live tile when I first downloaded it. Reinstalled it, and live tile now works. Hope this helps...

Jericho · 10/22/2013
Not sure what everyone is talking about

The app works great, and DOES in fact have a Live Tile function that not only gives you the days remaining, but also has pictures and info on upcoming games. To enable the Live Tile, using W8.1, change the size to wide.


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