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Ravi · 8/16/2015
Pls improve the battery usage

Pls improve the battery usage

vincent · 10/24/2013

Runs smoothly, but this version of MineSweeper isn't coded to be purely logical. You occasionally will have to guess, especially towards the end of a field. That's why the "powerups" exist. Ruins the puzzle aspect, MineSweeper doesn't need gimmicks.

enderman · 9/29/2013

A twist on minesweeper but if u like minesweeper and puzzles I recommend it

Jaylan · 7/20/2013

Needs to accept inputs quicker, and the precision needs improvement.

Jeff · 7/6/2013

I'm pretty sure there's a bug. I was playing advanced and a 1 was placed in a square that was by 2 mines and killed me...I couldn't verify it though because the interface quickly hides the board after death....switch between flag mode and reveal mode is a little awkward too. Good game otherwise.

Connor · 7/3/2013

Precision could use a bit of work, and the dig/flag switching and placement is frequently delayed, but with a bit of patience this is an able port of the windows game.

Saad · 6/26/2013

Addictive Addictive!

Michael · 5/17/2013

Its a good game but its too slow. I have played other mobile minesweeper games that are a little more fluid and fast so it is hard adjusting to this

Garrett · 4/12/2013

The game is difficult to use because of the lack of a hold to flag feature, and the board zooms in and out on the screen instead of being large enough to cover the entire screen, poor design choices.

David · 4/12/2013

Intermediate speed mode is the best exp per time spent playing. Interface is a Fitch slow but lots of fun.


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