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Timothy · 6/13/2015

It's a pretty good game. This version reminds me heavily of the one I played on my Windows 98. The AI it's definitely not "cheating". I'm not really sure why so many reviews say that. My guess is that they're are just bad at Monopoly. The AI is actually pretty predictable and easy to manipulate (just a tip: If you had trouble getting properties at the beginning of the game, you can offer a computer $1000 for all of theirs. They'll take the deal most of the time, and it will definitely give you an edge later on.) I play with the AIs on max difficulty and no GO money just to keep things interesting. All in all it's pretty fun game, and I love playing it just to pass the time.

Dyo · 7/13/2015

I think it's good enough, but for me it makes me just to want to play the real thing, I'm like EA when I play with people :D

Armaud · 6/18/2015

Ok just wish I could play online with other people instead of them having to with me.

Kenneth · 2/25/2015

Game needs major update not enough tokens to choose from and doesn't work on multiple platforms like tablets, or desktop computers. Should at least work on surface pro with same purchase. Need to come out with star wars version and international version. Should be able to play head to head through Bluetooth connection.

Ki · 1/15/2015

Fun, but it seems that making the game more difficult just rig's it for the AI.

Jared · 12/28/2014

I love this game and play it all of the time. Unlike so many games on phones this one does not need a network connection. It's sad how so many versions of Monopoly on computers/consoles really struggle with controls; this is not one of them. The controls are great for a small touch device.

Scotty · 12/17/2014

Fun! But here are some problems... Never displays my name despite it asking for it? Thought this would be a port of the very simple Xbox game monopoly streets but its not. :( if i select another's property in trade, but dont really select it, i will basically just give them my money with no trade. there should definitely be a warning for that. It's worse than trading for a a mortgaged property, and there is a warning for that. Also need faster play options. I don't need to read every chance card my opponents get, I don't need to have to tap it to move on. And we need even more changeability of the rules. That is SUPER easy to do. No graphics changes or anything, at, all. Monopoly streets has a TON of rules customization and it's too easy to NOT add that this to this game. Also that third monopoly die is a good thing to speed things up. Don't get me wrong, I like the game! But there are things that would be easy to make it better, and there are things that the game need to do.

Maggie · 12/11/2014

House rules don't work/can't be changed. Very limited options (how many players, player avatar, etc.) are not available. Glad I didn't buy & only used the try option.

Aaron · 10/30/2014

A lot of fun, but you cannot initiate a trade except for money!

Joseph · 10/9/2014

Game is fun and graphics are okay, but it can get really boring really quickly playing against Ai. I beat it a few times and I've stopped playing it because it's boring. If this game supported online multiplayer I would lay again, it would make things much more interesting. But until this happens, I probably won't be opening this app but maybe once in a blue moon. Please add online multiplayer!!!


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