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Dealt · 9/2/2015

Large variety of puzzles.

Kevin · 8/22/2015

Pretty fun game. Great time killer. Recommended for all ages.

Garret · 8/16/2015

An excellent physics puzzler with some very clever levels and a high degree of polish. Some of these levels can get really tricky, but rarely do any feel unfairly obtuse, creating a great feeling of being frequently challenged and that "I did it!" catharsis when you beat it, especially with all three stars. At 252 levels, this is a pretty meaty game for its price. I got it on sale for a dollar, but I'd say it's well worth full price. The game has microtransactions, but I beat every stage with all stars without spending an additional cent, so the game is entirely fair. The achievements are also easily obtainable, so the entire game is a nice, neat package, feeling complete and not in any way a ripoff. The game runs great on my 1020 with the only problem I encountered being an odd bug that made an object in one level completely invisible, forcing me to see and mimic the level solution to proceed. Aside from that, no issues; works great! HIGHLY recommended!

Claudia Martina · 6/3/2014

Its Ok✔

Ninja · 3/19/2014

Got boring real fast, stay with Angry Birds.

Nick · 7/29/2013


chris · 6/5/2013

Would be good if you didn't have to spend real money to progress. Your already buying the game $3 as it is. We shouldn't have to buy coins on top of that!!

Bruce · 3/20/2013

Would help if the levels worked correctly level 41 of Monstrocity is missing a part of the level when compares to a YouTube video.

monique · 12/8/2012

Didn't enjoy. Entertaining for children only.

Gino · 7/24/2015

Simple, fun and engaging.


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