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Alex · 10/25/2014

Excellent and addictive!

Justin · 4/23/2013

Needs an update for VIBRATING, that would be a cool feature. To actually feel the ball as you move the pins. Please continue this kind of innovation.

Bob · 3/26/2013

Very good for sure. Smooth gameplay, nice graphics and sound. But...2.49 seems a bit much for what you get. 5 stars easy if it was .99, the steep price drops it a star here.

Muhammad Hasyimi · 6/16/2014

Fix the home screen music. When click about then home, the music keep added. I'm getting bored with this game. Not to mention it takes a lot of drive space. I feel so stupid at the first place why did I bought this game..

Carter · 5/5/2013

The artwork is very nice, but the play action is just not much fun. My main gripes are with the flippers which have a wimpy feel and their mouse-click-sound is annoying.

User · 3/18/2013

This is so much better than the Android version, can't believe its this much better. Great job. 😃

Steve · 3/1/2013

A different, but fun, pinball experience. It plays better than I expected on the phone.

Matthew · 4/18/2013

Not much fun; goofy physics

Mohamad · 4/21/2013

One of the best games

User · 4/18/2013



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