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Jonathan · 10/12/2013
Extremely Slow FPS

Originally, it worked great. I would've given it five stars! However, after installing an update (which added a new level) from the Windows Store, it went from 30 FPS to 4 FPS. Please fix this Mortar Melon!

James · 9/19/2013
fun game

its a fun classic physics game that is for free, with 24 free levels. there are 48 levels after that, so technically its not really free and you have to pay to play with them

WebRat · 9/19/2013
So Addictive!!!

Beautiful graphics, sounds and gameplay.

James · 9/17/2013
not what I was expecting

nice tranquil music plays as you attempt to launch a watermelon through a puzzle maze while collecting fruit. the sounds affects are OK, munching noise as you collect the fruit. some maps have a timing challenge that's difficult to overcome and require precise aim. perhaps I ust have not learned all the tricks, but I'm just not a fan of this game. was not fun or entertaining to me, didn't inspire me to want to go on.

Jimmy D. · 9/16/2013
Really good.

All around great game. Simple yet enjoyable and can be very difficult in parts. I also like the graphics and music a lot too, can't wait for the snow levels.

Swaggz · 9/14/2013

The sounds are cool but the actual game play is nothing new. The launcher is a lil hard to control at times. Only a few free levels

Joseph · 10/16/2013

Awesome game!! very entertaining!

herp · 9/27/2013
One of the most relaxing games I've played...

...until "BZZT!" goes the buzzsaw, plowing through your mental zen garden. I'm just kidding! This game really is great! It's like using a stress ball, or fishing, but better because it has watermelons. :)

森烈女青 · 9/19/2013
hello I need search icon on Microsoft store!!!

Great Game , put candy crush also Disney city Girl as an apps too

Nancy · 10/15/2013

I think one of the hardest levels was level 20 but its an awesome game



  • 24 crazy free levels with more available to unlock!
  • Physics! - windmills, circular saws, doors, locks, breakables and much more!
  • Beautiful illustrative artwork!

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- Just changed the store icon and description