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Rob · 4/13/2013

Pretty nice game. Decent level of fun. But the load screens are painfully long. Graphics aren't anything amazing, so the load times should be shorter. Simply a sloppy port by the programmers.

Enrique · 4/8/2013

I don't know wats with all the complaining of the other guys but I consider this game for being of wp7 to have good graphics. It's fun, creative and annoyingly funny. The loads times do take long and it could be great if thye shorten it a bit with a future update. Also it will be a great idea if the game had a two player mode . This game should be available to wp8. I don't know why they don't make a wp8 version, but If it make it I may buy it. Play on a Samsung Focus Flash (Second gen Windows phone)

Grady · 4/3/2013

I want to love this, I really do. But this port is bad. It frequently stuttered during the first level, and at many points I wasn't able to jump off of rails. I couldn't bear to keep playing. If you're a fan of the XBLA original, do yourself a favor and steer clear of this. It'll just make you sad :(

User · 7/16/2014

Microsoft, thanks so much for bringing this to WP8! Awesome game, as far as I can tell. However, it keeps crashing back to my start screen on my HTC8XT. Can you fix it?

Jose · 7/16/2014

It needs a fix, is crushing when I try to play the first level

sree · 2/10/2015

It s bloody awesome but please make it free

Peter · 7/16/2014

Don't get me wrong, I love the game! Loading times have been greatly reduced. Please add resolution or quality choice support for those high end devices such as my Lumia Icon. The game is so low res that it's ugly

Izaac · 7/16/2014

Was able to install the trial, but can't buy the full version due to "incompatible screen resolution"!? WTH?

Matt · 1/17/2014

I have no idea why this game doesn't have a 5 star rating. It is one of the best for sure. Controls take some getting used to, not bad.. Just different.

Boss · 1/22/2014

I hope this isn't the last game you want to play on your death bed because the loading time for this game is unreal and this game sucks


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