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Буторин · 7/21/2015

The game itself is fun and addictive. Used to play it a lot on my Lumia 820. But on my new phone (Lumia 930) it won't even launch! :( + No updates, no bug fixes, no new levels so far. Bad :<

Victor · 12/27/2014

I really like this game. I truly do, but I don't feel right recommending a game that someone puts on the store and expects money to trickle in forever without ever updating it. It is beautiful in my 1520, the big screen actually makes it great to play (though a bit too easy) and it is tons of fun and rewarding. However, you can only play in one orientation, which just happens to be the one that keeps my fingers where the phone gets hot. It has not been updated with new levels or any such thing in over a year. And, while I have yet to see it on my 1520, I did get the bug where it would lock up the keys on my 810. I don't think the developer deserves to be paid for this anymore. Not until a good update. The trial should provide some good fun though.

charlie · 1/11/2014

Incredible game and loads of fun however it would be nice if the multiplayer function was added like it is on the apple version and there are also multiple minor glitches but over all wonderful!

Lukasz · 10/22/2013

Fun game but controls get locked quite often :(

Ben · 9/8/2013

This is an awesome game. Played it on my Android a while back and got super hooked on it. I don't normally play a lot of games on my phone either. That said, this version is a little buggy. I just played it a while and the controls kept getting stuck. So my character would constantly run one direction after I let go of the button. It got pretty irritating after a while, and made it impossible to play as well as I did on the Android version. Even after you die and reply the level, the button is still stuck. You have to leave the level and come back for it to resolve. And it happened a lot in 20 minutes of playing, so for now I can only give the app 3 stars. Once they fix the issue, I'll def come back and give it the full 5 it otherwise deserves.

Dominic · 9/8/2013

Fun and visually appealing, but changing characters when you get a muffin really bothers me. It would be better if you chose one character at the start and played the whole level with him. You could get more replay value that way.

Marlon · 9/8/2013

Very great game. A little buggy, and it also needs a multiplayer mode

jake · 9/7/2013

Great game, but needs optimizations for wp8. I own paid version for android and it runs much smoother than this.

User · 9/7/2013

Pretty fun game. I can even understand the $3 price tag for us while its free on IOS. But why isn't multiplayer mode added? If we have to pay for the game, at least give us all the features of the original game... :/

Devante · 9/3/2013

Its a good time killer. Although there's a glitch that keeps me from being able to attack sometimes, its fun and gets pretty difficult.


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