• Build residential buildings to increase your city's population
  • Open office buildings and upgrade them to employ more citizens and create higher profits
- Develop industries, sign contracts and buy vehicles to transport the goods you produce
  • Manage the ecology and energy use in your city by building power stations and parks
  • Change the landscape: build canals, create lakes, plant trees and pave country roads
  • Establish a bus transit network for your residents
  • Gather collection items from the residents of your country
  • Hire professionals to grow a forest of skyscrapers in your city!

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- Improved Windows 8.1 support - Major technical improvements

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Reviewer 9216 · 7/28/2015

Its very fun. A good way to pass boredom on the weekends or days off.

Daniel · 7/3/2015

I like the game. Compared to other building games, this one has it all. Creating a town, and by controlling it. Other building games only let you build and not run a town, if you are able to do more than the game would be more enjoyable. Their is a couple things I would change though like the viewpoint of the game by how you can only see things in one direction, if you were able to look in all directions, then you would be able to build whatever you want wherever you want. It would get a 5

Reviewer 9548 · 6/18/2015
Couldn't expect better from a free game!

It's like Sim City with extras, and it's a lot of fun. The wait times on some of the buildings kind of bugs me, because they take forever when you just want to play, but you can speed it up if you pay country dollars. It's definitely worth playing if you like building/ simulator games. Really couldn't expect better from a game that's free to play!

Debbie · 7/26/2015
Yes and no

I like the game; but the statement when you go to buy country bucks sounds like it might not be safe and you could be charged more money than you planned on paying for the item.

Reviewer 2003 · 7/2/2015

it was soo fun it is also addicting so if you dont have time dont play it

Michael and Melanie's · 6/11/2015
Can't get past level 34...

I am to the seemingly "done" part of the game. I am at level 34, purchased all land, homes, businesses, industries, parks, recreational buildings, completed all tasks - regular and world tasks, I've reached Young City status, 3,384,456 XP and the meter is maxed. However, after reaching this status I soon discovered that there are more levels after 34. The Conference Center and the Logistics Center have upgrades that are locked for levels 35 to 39. I am at a stand still. I've been able to play for free until now and I may have to purchase land in order to level up. I did find it odd that you could only get to "Young City" when the game is called "My Country".... hope this was, indeed, helpful.

Reviewer 9737 · 6/29/2015
My Counry

I love my country as it always keeps me wanting to continue to play. It always kept me occupied for hours on end and still does now. I love it!!

Reviewer 3265 · 5/11/2015
My thoughts

The game is somewhat difficult though it's fun all the same. The one thing I've noticed is that you have to pay to start over. other than that I give it a 4 1/2 star review. also, it's a great way to learn how to manage money. Also everything costs to much and you don't start out with enough money

Reviewer 0512 · 5/9/2015
Nice game

very relaxing and calm

Reviewer 4742 · 7/16/2015

you should have us start out with nothing so we can get the hang of it quicker

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