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Nathan · 8/29/2015
Good Game.

This game is fun and enjoyable to play.

Reviewer 5641 · 8/27/2015
Super Expensive

Amazing game am addicted but the prices r expensive for just like 10 diamonds. this is y I gave this game a 4 stars.

scott · 8/25/2015

This is game is Recommended for all ages this game is cool 1. A kid-friendly type of Clash Of Clans form except 3D textures and models (that is what I think) 2. Different types of minigames to play. 3. Different places to explore I Give this a 5/5 stars

April · 8/27/2015
Loved it on the Android Tablet I tried it

Loved being able to play the familiar characters, mini-games were fun. Only thing I didn't like was having to use real money to get some characters instead of using only in-game currency to unlock all of them.

Reviewer 2099 · 8/26/2015
pretty fun

game play is similar to nemo's reef. I find myself playing it WITH my kids ahahaha

Allen · 8/21/2015
Good, however updates are needed

I say this game app is good to play on Windows with ages 6 and up! However, I need Gameloft Support to update the app version since it's been about one year already that the game isn't updated yet. During the update unlike in the iOS and Android version, that includes additional ponies, shops, and decorations; new areas such as Sweet Apple Acres unlocked at level 8 and Everfree Forest at level 12, increase level cap, and fix technical bugs that occurs in the app run slowly.

Jose Ricardo · 8/27/2015
I haved wrote a review before, but...

I love the game include now, the only thing I think is annoying is, when I change to windows 10, the Cpu usage get into 100% cause the audio, I was in the needed of uninstall the audio drivers and then... the game crashes before few times, but right is working. Another think I don't really like, is the fact of how this game don't have save my progress in the cloud, that's pretty embarrassing talking about these times, I mean 2015, this game don't have any update with any cloud progress support, or maybe I'm not hearing anything. But, by another way, the game is pretty well done, I like how it works and yeah, whatever is very fun, play a game with the ponies from equestrian, is amazing, and more cause this is a game which is free in the store for windows 8 and 10.

Elizabeth · 8/23/2015

I could not play this on my cell phone at all, but now that it's here I finally can play this! The only problem I have is getting certain gems like loyalty and magic. Also a note I learned: there hasn't been an update for Windows 8 for quite some time which makes me mad.

Donald · 8/28/2015
App not sensing the pc connected to internet

App not sensing the pc connected to internet. I downloaded app fro my daughter on android and she liked it. So when I downloaded on upgraded windows 10 I assumed there would be no issues, but its been a month and she is still unable to play pass the opening sequence.

Jacob · 8/17/2015
Just like the Android version!

This application is perfect just as is. The interface is just like the Android version in every way, and the fact that it's ported to Windows makes it even better.



  • Meet Twilight Sparkle and your favorite ponies!
  • Make your Ponyville the most magical place in Equestria.
  • Hang out and interact with your ponies!
  • Fun mini-games: Play ball, pick apples, and even fly with your ponies!
  • Interact with your friends and feel the Magic of Friendship!
  • Enjoy official TV show voice talents featured in the game!

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