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Pamela · 1/12/2015

I enjoy the mixture of hidden objects, puzzle solving and traveling through the estate. Loads of fun.

Martha · 7/23/2014

YESYES! As a badge-carrying MCF fan, I'm so happy to see RTR on WP! Aside from those new to MCF not knowing the backstory (why did you start with #3 in the Ravenhurst series?), this was great! I was so happy to see it's the full game! And I broke 250 on whack-a-troll! Next: Madam Fate PLEASE?? 7/23/14: Still no other MCF titles. It makes me sad. Artifex Mundi is porting titles, why can't Big Fish?

Gerardo · 7/14/2013

Great game. Lots of fun, puzzles and mystery. Loved it. Same style as Enigmatics, Dark Arcana and Nightmares from the Deep, from Artifex Mundi.

Mike · 7/13/2013

The schoolhouse hatch puzzle is broken. I am given a temp of 600 but that pattern (or ANY pattern) does nothing to open the door. To prove game bug even went through walkthrough line by line and still cannot open the hatch.

Patrick · 7/9/2013

It isn't as clean and polished as the Artifex Mundi offerings. The hidden object pictures are not as clear, which makes it artificially harder to find stuff and the story isn't as engaging. That being said, this is a very enjoyable and quite long game. Lots of hidden object screens and puzzles. Well worth the money.

Jonathan · 7/9/2013

Having a lot of fun. I wish I were more patient for the picture searches but it gets repetitive. Love some of the puzzles and exploring/finding clues has me addicted!

Anthony · 6/24/2013

Way different from its first iteration. You do not need to play the first to play this!!!! So if you love stuff from artifex mundi with games like nightmare from the deep, buy this now!!! For the developer: a trial (timed or up to a certain point) would get you a lot more sales :) just tryin to help

janet · 8/30/2015

Ok game

Meagan · 8/8/2014

Fun but had some annoying glitches!!

Jeffrey · 8/8/2014

Please release more


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