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Kevin · 8/17/2014

Not working

ziming · 6/23/2014

Can't find online hosts.

User · 3/9/2014

At level 9, I was questioning why I bought the game. By level 10, I wanted to throw my phone in the Marianas Trench. Game play mechanics are severely flawed, graphics are nice, but that doesn't make up for all the shortcomings. I bet most of the positive reviews are from people that didn't bother finishing the game. Starts out strong then devolves into a mess.

User · 11/8/2013

Sais wireless signal lost when I try to connect to multiplayer, baught this game just to play multiplayer

User · 11/2/2013

Great game but nobody is on multiplayer... If you have this game you should get on at 7:00 mountan standard time every night and I will be hosting a game

Sushama · 9/11/2013

Also 1 star for multiplayer suks, barely anyone on, and games on multiplayer kind of suk. Also should have been less than 7 bucks.

Joshua · 6/23/2013

Decent shooter for WP, touch screen interface is annoying. If your hands aren't super dry controls/fingers will stick, causing a lag in movement. Less pressure on screen helps but doesn't completely fix.

Daniel · 6/14/2013

Amazing graphics but poor controls prevent one from being able to focus on anything else including the stunning view.

Ethan · 6/13/2013

Controls are sloppy its hard to move, aim, and shoot. Needs a revamped control scheme, otherwise its great. Best looking game on a phone.

bruno · 6/12/2013

Its ok. Same old same old. Drains battery allot and makes Lumia 920 ridiculously hot


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