• Nyan Cat
  • Easy to play!
  • Kid friendly!
  • Arcade platforming cat bouncing fun!
  • poptarts!
  • unlocks

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Version Notes

Completely rewritten again from scratch in a new engine! You should notice much improved framerates and responsiveness. I also added a volume option in the command bar, right click or swipe down gesture from top of screen for tablets/touch. Enjoy! Please leave ANY feedback, I plan to use the small bit of engine I wrote this time to make more complex games in the future, so if there are any performance issues with this fun small game, it would be great to know! -Removed Evil Nyan -Added Collar Of Power -Balanced other items :)

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Reviewer 2251 · 6/1/2015
FINALLY! Thanks.

This game is absolutely KILLER, and one of the best ways to pass time. It actually becomes pretty challenging the further you progress. I never expected this to be released on the computer. Huge thanks, everyone!

Cory · 6/26/2015
Not good

Stick with the apple version it's way more fun than this.

Reviewer 7036 · 6/11/2015

this game sucks

Reviewer 2656 · 4/2/2015

I like it but I don't get it at all

Kai · 7/28/2013
Poor clone

This isn't nearly as well made as the flash game. Standards, please.

Shawn · 2/15/2013

Whey did you ever make this app it will rot peoples brains

Sean · 11/15/2012
It's alright

Seems to play fine, but the lack of any background music and the rather annoying jump sound makes it rather meh. It's also lacking in pickups and enemies. And finally, whatever font was used in the screenshots isn't installed on my system, so it defaults to Times New Roman.

Milena · 3/27/2015
Great Game- Needs Some Improvement

This game is fun and addicting. However, it can be improved. First, I'd like it to be easier to reach those achievements (2000 Ft, 4000ft, etc.)on the side of the screen when you die. Next, I'd like there to be more achievements. Perhaps there could be some more variation in the music? :) However, that's not as important.

Jared · 3/3/2014

Meh. It's okay. The platforms are small and annoyingly far apart. The game has some kinks, but may end up better with some updates.

Brendan · 2/24/2014

It's a fun, addicting, and challenging. I recommend this game to someone who likes raging and smashing their computers in anger.

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