• hand drawn graphics
  • physics-styled gameplay
  • fun and exciting music
  • 35 levels of fun

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Obliteration is now widescreen!

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Marilyn · 10/24/2013

Very addicting, and the few minor bugs don't ruin the game in any way!

Andres · 12/10/2012
Boring game

This game is fun for about a minute until you realize everything is exactly the same every time.

Reviewer 3077 · 11/24/2012
Keep working on it

Fun idea, good art. Game play a bit choppy, counter intuitive physics.

Jim · 10/15/2012

It's alright. The buildings break up rather strangely, slide around, and the bombs don't account for forward momentum when you drop them.

Isaac · 9/1/2013
Repetative, but fun!

Fun game, I like to destroy things! But it would be nice to see some extra stuff, like bonus levels, or a sandbox mode or something. but over all pretty good game. And nice drawings! ;)

Mark · 10/30/2012
Poor performance

Graphics are fun but when playing everything is very jumpy

Dave · 11/7/2012

Interesting concept but choppy and the bombs don't always work. A bit disappointed

Kevin · 1/18/2013
Was great until...

I realized that the top of building features, such as the antenna, and right triangles don't have their own shape in destruction. I had an H2O container seeming float in the air. And many times I could have beat a level if not for that. Also game freezes at the end. I just get a blue screen. 5 stars when you fix the triangle thing, and fix the ending. Maybe add a better scoring system. Would also like to see a challenge mode or sandbox mode. Maybe even a build your own map feature.

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