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Eleanor · 8/26/2015
Not just a hack & slash

Exploring, rich backstory, puzzles, teams, guilds, even. humor make O&C fun for an old lady who doesn't like to fight. I like the storyline. I've never had an NPC say I shouldn't trust him. There is much to learn from this game. That's why it is fun.

Ian · 8/23/2015

This game delivers an amazing MMORPG experience to handheld devices as well as PC. It's a great blend of the best MMO's features to deliver a unique, fun experience while exploring a vast land. Gameloft really got this one right and I look forward to seeing more updates to the game to make it even more enjoyable. There is something for everyone, with leveling up to level 70 and then content that appeals to those that reach this tremendous milestone. I highly recommend this game.

Noob · 8/21/2015
8 reasons not to play this game!

1: Hackers with damage hack stalk you and 1 hit you. 2: The no-pvp item in cash shop doesn't work and support will lie to you so they can ignore your tickets. 3: The random party finder has so few people that you never get groups. 4: Crafting is insane and there's not enough players too provide the need resources. 5: Did I mention the horrible support? Yeah the description of their cash shop lies and when you get duped into buying from them they make up rules that aren't in the item description. 6: Economy over priced and based off LameLoft being the gold sellers for their own game. 7: Can't turn off duel requests so low levels that want to 1-hit you with their damage hack will stalk you endlessly even in town. 8: PvP / Achievement system encourages level capped players to stalk unmarked low level PvP zones to collect their "honorable kills" they get for killing people 50 levels lower than them.

Louie · 8/19/2015
Good game but..

this is a really good game with keyboard controls but keyboard still needs improvement like controlling more skills like other games and putting healing items to slot. Also leveling is quite slow if you are a solo player. you definitely get bored if you want a fast paced rpg game like dungeon hunter. Graphics is great. If you enjoyed WoW you will also love this! Thumbs up!

Reviewer 2676 · 8/26/2015
It's ok

I use to play this game a long time ago. I log on here and there to see what has changed and what hasn't. This is a really good game for those who are just getting into mmorpg games. The graphics are nice and the quest lines are fun. However, I have noticed that the changes made in the game are VERY VERY similar to those in another game called RIFT. RIft is 10000 times better but I just find it very funny some of the things such as the pvp area is very much the same as the other game. I would still choose RIFT over Order and Chaos any day though. Download O&C if you like, but hey try RIFT if you decide you dont like O&C. I am always in RIFT and will assist anyone. Just look for Cheychey on Faeblight shard. Guild Epic. Enjoy!

Rebecca · 8/22/2015

its simple and easy, I think its a good game close to WoW. Good Idea , thanks ! awesome

Michael · 8/19/2015
Solid mmo glory days of wow.

I enjoy it when playing unguided. Reminds me of early wow.

Jeramey · 8/14/2015
Pretty Neat

Likes- I played it for a short while and I already like it! Quite a big map and there's a big community in this game. Runs smooth, and the graphics look great for a mobile game. Dislikes- The quests do get repetitive, same ol' same ol'. Controls are a little weird on a computer. Makes sense since it's a touch screen based game. Though I wish the UI was a little more informative and customizable. I'll give this game another chance since not a lot of time was put into it.

Reviewer 4899 · 8/22/2015
pretty good

for free its quite good. I just wish you could move or hide the chat box

Reviewer 8131 · 8/14/2015

Very enjoyable game. Lots of quest and fun things to do. I am looking forward to my continuing adventures.


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