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MAY THE BEST PARTY WIN ON THE BATTLEFIELD - Battlefield is a new PvP mode where teamwork far outweighs individual strength. - Capture the opposing team’s Flag and bring it back to your base to score. - Take on 2v2 or 4v4 challenges. LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONS - Join a league of legendary warriors and earn Honor Points based on your team performance. - Rise to the top of your League leaderboard in an even more competitive, rewarding & engaging league system. - All shall bask in your glorious might, as League Champions will now literally shine on the Battlefield! - Redeem Honor Points for special weapons and equipment.

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Reviewer 1131 · 7/31/2015
AMAZING buuuuutt.....

It crashes on me a lot when I'm playing. Other then that the game is so addicting. Reminds me of the good ol days when I used to play world of warcraft

Reviewer 5629 · 8/1/2015
Fix the crash frequency and you got a winner.

Now that I think about it, maybe my tablet sucks..... Never mind.

Rebecca · 8/2/2015

its simple and easy, I think its a good game close to WoW. Good Idea , thanks !

Joseph · 8/3/2015
Easy to play

Fun to play and easy to get into.

Louie · 7/27/2015
Good game but..

this is a really good game with keyboard controls but keyboard still needs improvement like controlling more skills like other games and putting healing items to slot. Graphics is great. If you enjoyed WoW you will also love this! Thumbs up!

Reviewer 3740 · 7/28/2015

It's a fantastic game...similar to wow ,only easier to play...and much more better graphics...also no need to download ...perfect for pc-tablet with limited space!

Corrigan · 7/24/2015
Great Game

Really Loving the game, it reminds me of early wow for some reason lol definitely a must have especially since it's not pay to win

Reviewer 2103 · 7/27/2015

Graphics are pretty good and there's a lot of quests to complete. Very fun game

tyler · 7/20/2015

Gameloft honestly makes some of the best games for Windows phones. Order and chaos online is one of those. It has pretty much everything a hardcore MMO type person could want, and is exceptionally pretty, even over a slow data connection. I have one of those "x amount of data a month then 'unlimited' but slower" plans, and even after my data runs out, it plays pretty smoothly. Be warned though, its a massive power drain. I plugged in my phone at 71%, played for an hour, and it was down to 31%. So, there's that. But otherwise, good game.

Reviewer 4880 · 7/25/2015
Shawn brunsom

Nice game very addictive

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