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Alan · 7/26/2015
An AWESOME alternative of Pacman

This version is pacman is so awesome. My only critic is that the level system is really not implemented so well. Otherwise the playability and music are just 5 star. Please make another version that had more challenges.

SFC · 7/11/2015

Fantastic and fun!

Connie · 12/1/2014


Fagner · 7/29/2015

I wish buy it, but I don't have international credit card, and this game is not available to Brazil 😞 please update this game for us BR

Da · 1/9/2015

I am loving this game, the colorful eye candy graphics and the blend of old school and new school sound FX. Its a great update of the old pac man. Well worth the money I think.

Michael · 1/1/2015

Awesome game! Great graphics and music, excellent controls, easy achievements. Already owned on 360, but it was well worth another buy. :)

Heather · 12/14/2014

Fun, but it's destroying my battery. Uninstalling.

stephen · 11/28/2014

Great for those Pacmaniac's, vet trippy backgrounds even includes the Lego theme from the 90's arcade hit, the only thing that would make this better is if it was a universal app (buy once play on Windows Phone and Windows 8)

Grant · 7/26/2014

Interesting spin on Pac-man but I'd rather play the original. This is a shallow game, not many modes or stages. The achievements are easy and pretty quick.

JaiCent · 4/29/2014

Trial Based Review, I like the concept, however in some circumstances its hard to tell when the ghost are going to wake up, or already woken up. All the neon, background changing can throw you off. The mode runs a little slow, and there are a few glitches.