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Courtney · 11/14/2012

It's very fun considering this is an original game of my time! The only thing I don't like is I can't move Pac-Man fast enough with my finger. He tends to go took slow and my finger is moving faster then him..lol! Also, he sometimes goes a different way from where my finger is moving him. Perhaps I should play using a stylus? Help!!!

Jewel · 11/8/2012

I like the colorful graphics - however Pac himself is VERY slow & often unresponsive. Please fix!

Chuck · 11/4/2012

I've never been a big Pacman fan, but this app is entertaining. It very badly needs an option to control the audio volume independently of the device.

M · 11/1/2012

Fun but you can't kill them and they hover in one area so you can't get to those dots. Very annoying.

Michael · 11/20/2012

Pretty poor controls; though flick control was a neat idea, it just doesn't work reliably enough and you can get stuck. Also, doesn't visually indicate your score and the ghosts don't change when you have a power pellet nor run away. Can't imagine this being properly licensed...

Scott · 11/11/2012

Touch control is poor....not sure if it possible to make it good

勇 · 10/16/2012


User · 10/28/2012

Pretty bad Pac-Man clone, ghosts don't even change color when you get a power pellet.

milad · 11/22/2012

It,s very very beauty but this game if enemy in the game don,t there it game uy,s better

Roy · 11/14/2012

Would be good if controls were better


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