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Elijah · 7/3/2013

To all ya'll haters it is a classic you can't really blame it it was made in the 1980s/1970s

Sackboy · 5/22/2015

The gane is good, but starting so much fast and the controls aren't good, maybe with a fix on this can be better.

Francis · 12/28/2014

Pac man HD is way better. It 4 different modes, and this has one. The controls in this are also awkwardly placed and unresponsive. Pac man HD will always be free, and has controls that feel way more natural to me.

Daniel · 10/7/2014

Can be much better, has some control issues.

Donovan · 3/15/2015

This has no warning to tell if your power up is running out. This is stupid. I hope this is a glitch, if it isn't... Curse this game! (also the screen is small it's tough to see my character and ghost).

Ana · 5/15/2015

Not even a joke...

Jeremiah · 1/17/2015

Controls are bad 🙅 and it's glichtey

abdullah · 10/10/2014

Chu app!

User · 6/11/2013

The controls r really bad ..and I have the Nokia Lumia uninstalling this one

User · 4/15/2013

How is this not a copyright violation? How did it even get approved?