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v1.0.0.7 + bug fixes v1.0.0.6 + new level + bug fixes v1.0.0.5 + bug fixes v1.0.0.4 + 3 new levels + paintshop for customizing car colors + new songs by DKSTR + minor fixes

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Jacob · 7/29/2015
So fun

It's addicting but it lags sometimes

Anandias · 6/27/2015

The car does not spawn in some levels (all but the first and the airport level) after the last update. Great game by the way, keep up the good work, will be waiting for a fix.

Jamie · 6/2/2015

Fantastic game! Wildly addicting and easy enough to pick right up. A big thanks to the developers!

Denver · 7/16/2015

Constant frame rate issues after cyan update. Fix? It's fexed. Thx yea more updates! Keep being awesome love the airport!

mike · 6/27/2015

The maps did work.. Now they dont ...

Dale · 6/26/2015

Was a great game now, crashes all the time.

Kordel · 6/17/2015

I don't know what happened, but the new update added one level, which is nice, but only two of the previous levels now work. Most start locked up with your car invisible. Please fix this.

User · 3/29/2015


Temirlan · 3/3/2015

Fine game overall but so many things are missing. Can't change the car for every map, only color customization. No multiplayer. Would be really cool if we could see shadows of other players, would make it more social and fun. Impossible to stop the car so end up crashing the car unless you press the left turn and periodically press the right turn then the car just drifts kinda. The view is too far so difficult to see all the obstacles, maybe if you made it to be closer might be able to play longer and crash less. Paid for this game but I don't think it's worth it just having additional maps.... Need more things in this game

Fabio · 1/10/2015

Make denim update support please.